Review: Lomelda and Hovvdy Co-headline The Empty Bottle

On a night highlighted by Lomelda and Hovvdy, there’s a third act to set to open the night, fresh off of dropping their new record Ghost Orchard. Sam hails from Grand Rapids, Michigan and opened the night with a handful of new songs from the new record Bunny. Released through Orchid Tapes, known for releases from bedroom pop artists such as Soccer Mommy and Alex G. Some songs sound like we’re at PRYSM for a DJ set while others embody the mood of the soon-to-come Chicago fall. There’s some chatter between songs met with conversations at the bar, but it doesn’t take away from the set.   Lomelda packs the room from the sound booth stairs to the front of the bar. There’s a flurry of colored hair and piercings that have arrived and taken over the venue space a room full of people ready for their heartstrings to be plucked following every chord and word of Hannah Read. When Hannah belts out, “wrap your arms around me, I’ll be still,” you can hear a collective sigh before the rest of “Interstate Vision” ensues. A standout from an earlier part of Lomelda discography, it’s stuck with most fans. It’s set full of emotions and a brief appearance of Charlie from touring mates, Hovvdy.   The crowd scatters out for smoke breaks and drink breaks before Hovvdy headlines the night. The room is dismal and lacks the energy of the combined first two sets. It’s not as if Hovvdy is boring, but the combination of weather and the show’s late start is working against them. At times the set sounds like an opener lacking the commanding presence of a headliner. You can hear a pen drop between songs and the crowd sounds asleep, their clapping off-beat for song after song. Hovvdy’s a great band, but tonight seemed like their night to entertain the remnants of Lomelda and Ghost Orchard
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Brandon Smith

Brandon Smith is a freelance writer, frequent concert attendee, and occasional Twitch streamer. He’s usually at the nearest taqueria or attending the concert of an artist he discovered while surfing the internet.