Preview: Extra Arms Brings Their Heavy Power-pop To Montrose Saloon

Extra Arms is led by Ryan Allen and traffics in the ultimate blend of the sounds he crafted in previous bands, including Thunderbirds Are Now! and Friendly Foes. Allen has released a taste of what to expect from the band's new album Up From Here with the track "No Enemies." It's an exhilarating blast of crunchy guitar pop that begins with staccato verses before soaring into, what has become a trademark for the band, a euphoric soaring rush of a chorus. All of this is driven by Allen's urgent vocal delivery that bounces along higher registers to cut through the joyful racket he and his bandmates have built together. Chicago has a chance to get a preview of what to expect from the rest of the album tonight when the Detroit-based group treks to Montrose Saloon to play as part of a WNUR Power Pop Shoppe Night showcase. The new album is being billed as a concept album clocking in at 22 minutes, so there's a good chance they can fit much of into tonight's set, alongside previous classics.
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