Preview: Catch Giuda’s Glam Stomp At The Empty Bottle Tonight

Giuda is based in Rome, Italy, so it's not often our citizens get a chance to see them come through town. I've been lucky enough to have seen them a number of times, though, and wholeheartedly endorse the hard-rocking, foot stompin' good times they bring in tow to every show. Giuda's often categorized as "glam," but this ain't glam in the David Bowie / T. Rex / etc. mold. Instead they take their cues from bands like Slade, throwing just a dash of glitter and a whole lotta swagger into anthemic hard rock sing-alongs engineered to bring crowds together as a single fist-pumping unit. Their latest album, E.V.A., contributes a bunch of new rousing numbers into their catalog that I can't wait to hear live. If you're looking for lyrical depth, Giuda is not there to provide it to you. The five-piece is more than happy to entreat you to rock and roll and have a good time; their only interest is in dragging you into their propulsive rhythms to create an unstoppable march into their non-stop party vibes. I'm certainly not saying the band ain't smart—you don't create album after album of earworm shoulda-been hits without being masters of your craft—I'm just saying that they channel their intelligence into the music and the atmosphere without worrying too much about some deeper meaning or message. If this sounds like a great way to spend your Tuesday night you would be absolutely correct. Giuda plays tonight at The Empty Bottle, so load up on the caffeine after work and get ready to party into the wee morning hours. The Evictions and Jollys round out the bill, and tickets are still available.
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