Review: Dodie Treats The Riv to a Fantastic Show

As I stood inside the photo pit, waiting for Dodie to come on, I heard a girl behind me say that she’d never been this excited for a show before. While I was familiar with Dodie’s incredible songwriting skills and her delightful, melodic voice, it didn’t occur to me that she’d have such a diehard fanbase. The English darling became a YouTube sensation and now has nearly 2 million subscribers. She doesn’t have to rely on internet clout to be famous, however; her musical talent is more than enough now.

Dodie by Kate Scott

The Riv was filled with fans of all ages, but the primary audience was definitely teenage girls. Some girls came with friends, others with their moms. A burst of nostalgia washed through me when I saw a mother handing her daughter a bottle of water; the daughter was wearing the same Queen shirt I had in high school. When Dodie came onstage, the girl behind me started to sob. I could hear her crying as she sang along with the rest of the crowd to “Arms Unfolding”. Dodie is not only an incredible singer, but a pianist and a ukulele player too. She opened up during “Monster“, an emotional song about an ex-lover who grows to hate our protagonist. Despite her adorable appearance (she was wearing a cute short set and long socks with no shoes), Dodie’s songwriting capabilities show that she’s not just a bubblegum pop star. Her words have meaning.

Dodie by Kate Scott

“Sorry if my voice sounds bad, I have bronchitis”, Dodie said as she sat down at the keyboard. When her fans sympathetically sighed, she smiled and said “I have acute bronchitis…a cute bronchitis!” While she can certainly play up her doe-eyed beauty, she doesn’t shy away from being completely real in her lyrics. I think that’s why her fans love her so much. The girl behind me felt a connection to Dodie, and I can understand why. Her voice, her words, and her presence are all completely genuine. If her work is any indication, she will keep rising in stardom, taking her fans along with her.

Dodie’s biggest fan by Kate Scott

Dodie is currently on tour in the U.S. and tickets are selling out fast. For more info, click HERE.

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