Review: Sports Returns to Schubas and Puts on an Energetic Performance

After a rather last minute announcement of a small tour, I was highly anticipating the return of Oklahoma indie band Sports to Chicago. Their Tomorrow Never Knows show was an otherworldly blast and surely this match it. Their groovy and shimmering demeanor brought a very fulfilling late night show at Schubas for ecstatic fans of the space cowboys. Sports is one of the few bands I’m always pleasantly surprised at how great they are as performers. I honestly could see them over and over again and still be thrilled to attend their shows

Opening with one of my personal favorite tracks of theirs, “Manicure,” the entire room was immediately dancing. This track is voluptuous and upbeat, with a powerful build up towards the end with an addicting guitar riff that will make you want to have the song on repeat. Lead singer Cale Chronister delivered a very dramatic and theatrical performance. He was intense and passionate all at the same time throughout their set which drove fans crazy. The best part is that he engaged with the crowd quite often, staring deep into the eyes of his fans and putting up the microphone to fans so that they too could sing their favorite lyrics.

What made the show a party was Cale jumping into and dancing in the center of the crowd during their fabulous track “Gotta Know Better (I’m Crazy).” I was also very impressed with brothers Jacob and Christian Theriot and their excellent bass (Jacob) and guitar (Christian) skills. Jacob also performed excellent vocals for their hits off their latest album Everyone’s Invited, “Cadillac” and “Rob Las Vegas.”

Not only is Sports pleasing to the ears but also to the eyes. They do such a wonderful job with their aesthetically pleasing live setup that consists of a textured backdrop and glistening crystal curtains that capture the stage lights so beautifully and gracefully. I’m a huge fan of artist’s stage setups because it adds to the show and encapsulates who they are visually. It also makes the show that much more enjoyable and intriguing to experience! The showstopper however is always their full-body sequence outfits that personify their sound so perfectly.

Sports are always a fun show to catch; you can’t go wrong with their lo-fi hits and out of this world production. They are a group of very passionate and down to earth guys that put their hearts into their music. I am already looking forward for new music and another tour that will hopefully be bigger than ever before.

Andrew Lagunas
Andrew Lagunas

Andrew Lagunas is a freelance photographer from Naperville who specializes in portraiture and concert photography. He has an Associate in Arts degree from College of DuPage and is always looking for new creative outlets.

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