Review: Aeropress Go: Our Favorite Coffeemaker Goes Portable

Photo: Marielle Bokor We love the Aeropress. I personally use it multiple times a day to make coffee. It’s convenient, durable, and makes a great cup of coffee. When we travel, we even take it with us—usually packing it away into a plastic bag. And while the Aeropress does travel well, the parts necessary to take it on the go make the whole package a bit bulky. So when we found out about the Aeropress Go, we were thrilled to have Aeropress in an even more convenient travel-size. The Aeropress Go turns out to be pretty similar to the Aeropress in many ways. It's just a little smaller than the original, but that turns out to make a big difference. The smaller size of the plunger and cylinder make the whole thing easy to pack away into the handy case that doubles as a coffee cup.  It also features smaller sized accessories to travel with-- a shorter scoop and a folding stirrer that fit in the cylinder's center, and a flat compact case to hold the microfilters that can be stowed in the silicone lid of the travel mug. The similarity in size to the regular aeropress make the parts interchangeable, and filters fit--so you don't have to buy anything special. And, since the size difference isn’t super drastic, it feels familiar and just as easy to use. Brewing coffee in it is exactly the same, whether you prefer the inverted method (our preferred way to brew) or stick to the original instructions, and for hot or cold brew coffee Photo: Marielle Bokor Our thoughts? If you travel often, and you love good coffee, skip the in-room coffeemakers and burnt continental breakfast bar brew and opt for this instead. The Aeropress Go will be available for purchase in mid-November and will retail at $31.95. If you’d like, you can pre-order it on the company’s website, to make sure you’re one of the first to get your hands on it.
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