Elk Walking’s Warm and Inviting Sound Returns with “Over the Hills”

Photo by Kayla Lynn

If you aren’t familiar with Chicago Elk Walking, then now is the perfect time get acquainted with them. The band began their musical journey as the acoustic duo of Savanna Dickhutt and Julian Daniell.  The pair came together in college and released a sole EP, The Road Ahead, which set the foundation of excellent songwriting and the folk leaning sound that has given way to their current incarnation. Savanna and Julian quickly expanded their band to a ive peice, letting their sound fill up with more guitars, bass, and drums.

The fuller band version of Elk Walking, who’s self described Tambo-Rock sound could not be more apt, released their full length Between Us in 2017. The debut is a fun and endlessly endearing collection of songs that truly shows the band’s range. Elk Walking’s more exuberant and energetic songs take the early spotlight. “Out of My Mind” in particular runs around with some classic vocal snarls that evoke a country jam that is ready to burst. “Drift On” does anything but as Julian and Savanna’s voices intertwine together as the song it races along with an undeniably energy. However there is something special about their more contemplative timbres, like that in “Dreams” where the instrumentals gently glide around as Savanna tenderly serenades you to a relaxing state with soul searching lyrics.

Their latest track, “Over the Hills”, premieres tomorrow and lines up right next the band’s more infectious sound. While there has always been a throwback feeling to their music, “Over the Hills” sends that vibe into overdrive as the song feels like a lost gem of the 70s.  The song feels as warm and inviting as their previous work, bursting out with catchy guitar lines that has a lasting effect.  Savanna takes the vocal lead on the song, sending her already magnificent  voice into a beatific haze that makes for a perfect relief from the fall’s chilly atmosphere. And with lines like “Once in a lifetime is said about my smile”, it’s impossible not to fall in love with the track.

“Over the Hills” is out tomorrow so keep an eye out on Spotify and other streaming platforms. I highly suggest you keep a look out for Elk Walking and keep up with them on their website, Facebook,Twitter, & Instagram!

Julian Ramirez
Julian Ramirez
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