These are the Games We’re Playing this Halloween 2019

Screenshot: GTFO



Today through the 2nd GTFO enters into the second Alpha test. What we’ve seen of GTFO is an extremely horrifying—and extremely difficult—co-op first-person shooter with stealth elements. You don’t want to go into the underground facility with your guns blazing, lest you be quickly overwhelmed by the horrors that live inside. Instead, it’s in you and your friend’s best interests to sneak around to your objectives because ammo is scarce, and death comes swiftly.

With its phenomenal use of sound, and with a terrifying premise, GTFO is probably one of the scariest multiplayer games we’ve ever played.

The Alpha test runs through the 2nd of November. If you want a chance at GTFO, follow their website, become an ambassador, and join their Discord.




Screenshot: Luigi’s Mansion 3

Luigi’s Mansion 3

Early reviews are in, and critics seem to love the green plumber’s latest game. Our review is in progress, but so far we love what we see—accomplished in a fashion that only Nintendo seems capable of. Bright graphics, and fun gameplay—with a dash of spooky. Ghosts and ghouls await in the spooky corridors of the Last Chance Hotel.

You won’t have to face the mansion alone, though, with your Gooigi companion by your side—and also able to be played cooperatively with a friend.

Luigi’s Mansion is out today.



Screenshot: Carrion


In Carrion, you play as an amorphous  blob of blood and fleshy tentacles. It’s sort of like Ape Out if David Cronenberg got ahold of it: your goal is to “fight” your way out of an underground facility. And while you are susceptible to the defenses scattered about, most of the “fighting” will be you mercilessly slaughtering researchers and other workers so you can consume their flesh and add it to your own biomass.

The gameplay is superfast, but extremely fluid and fun. If you’ve played to the end of Inside and wanted a whole game based on that premise, Carrion looks like it’ll be the game for you.

Carrion has a sneak peak demo available unitl November 2nd. Check it out here.

Antal Bokor
Antal Bokor

Antal is video game advocate, retro game collector, and video game historian.
He is also a small streamer, occasional podcast guest, and writer.

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