GALLERY: Cosplay at Chicago TARDIS 2019

We had a fantastic time over Thanksgiving Weekend avoiding the mess that is Black Friday shopping and instead indulging in a lot of nerdy fandom goodness over at Chicago TARDIS in Lombard.

Every year, this convention gives us the warm fuzzies with its sense of community, but also a whole lot of amazing cosplay to admire, from the small army of completely functional Daleks to beautiful TARDIS gowns, elaborate Doctor outfits and array of freaky monsters.

This year we’ve got two different galleries for you to enjoy. The first, above, is what we saw on the floor Friday through Sunday, and the second, featured below,  is from the Masquerade, which showed off the hard work of some very enterprising Who fans, both young and old, and included a comical dramatic re-enactment of the lesser loved Doctor Who: The Movie to keep fans entertained while the judges deliberated. Awards were handed out to folks of all skill levels, and all ages, from young to adult, and from Novice to Master (no, not that Master…or maybe!) and there were even awards given out for fantastic costumers who preferred to simply walk the halls. Enjoy all the Gallifreyan goodness here, and think about Chicago TARDIS as a cure for the common shopping season next year.

Check out our review here for more on this year’s Chicago TARDIS.

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