Preview: Jackson Galaxy at Waukegan’s Genesee Theatre Aims to Teach Humans to Deepen Feline Friendships

Image courtesy Jackson Galaxy.

When you think of a night out at the theater, you probably aren’t thinking much about your cats at home. When Jackson Galaxy thought about selling out theaters as a child and even into his 20s, he probably didn’t think it’d be for a show called Total Cat Mojo Live where he’s pulling cat toys out of his guitar case and taking the stage for dates all over the US advocating for healthier relationships between cats and humans. 

But, just as with so many animal lovers, a pet came into his life that changed everything for him. Now, Jackson Galaxy is an internationally known cat behaviorist—something people could hardly fathom when he was getting his start in this field in the ‘90s. As cats began to take over the internet and the pet world, it became clear there needed to be people out there helping everyone figure out how best to relate to their feline friends and respect them for the unique and wonderful companions that they are. Galaxy, who’s now also earned the title “Cat Daddy” seems to be up to the challenge, with books, shows, events, charities that advocate for animal welfare and shelter improvements, and a line of products for cats aimed at improving human and cat relationships.

This Friday, he brings his live show, Total Cat Mojo Live, named for his recent book, on stage at the Genesee Theatre in north suburban Waukegan on his first stop of a three-stop January tour. It’s an opportunity meant to bring cat lovers together to get a little more education on what they can do to help their pets be more confident and happier in their home environments and for humans to learn more about how to deepen the bond between human and pet. 

We got a chance to speak with Galaxy ahead of this Friday’s show at the Genesee and found him to be the genuine article–a knowledgeable and compassionate guy with a heart towards helping save animals and help people have better relationships with them, so while we’re still not sure exactly what we’re in for when the curtain drops, we’re pretty sure it’ll entertain and educate us, so that when we do go home to our various pets, cat or dog, we’ll have a better appreciation and empathy for them.

If you’re interested in attending the Total Cat Mojo Live show this Friday at the Genesee Theatre in Waukegan at 8pm, there are still tickets available. You can click here to snag a few, and we’ll have our full interview with Jackson ahead of Friday night’s show for you to enjoy soon.

Marielle Bokor
Marielle Bokor