Review: Cherry Glazerr Rocks the House at Lincoln Hall

Cherry Glazerr performed a dynamic set at the first show of their two-night performance at Lincoln Hall. Despite it being a chilly evening, the band got everyone’s blood pumping and adrenaline rushing with their boundless energy and catchy tracks. The lineup for the show consisted of three bands, each boasting an exceptional frontwoman with quirky personalities and unique vocals. Opening for Cherry Glazerr were Charly Bliss and Chicago’s own Girl K. Girl K started out the evening with a slow, laidback set, their soothing style highlighted by the gentle melodies of each song. Quite contrary to the vibe set by Girl K, Charly Bliss was loud, rambunctious, and a force to be reckoned with. Eva Hendricks, lead singer and guitarist, got the crowd jumping and dancing along to every song after song. Some fan favorites included “Ruby,” “Chatroom,” and “Capacity.”  Following Charly Bliss’ almost full-length set, the headliner, Cherry Glazerr, stormed onstage after a brief intermission, their frontwoman donning a #23 Bulls jersey. Currently a three-piece ensemble, the band is fronted by singer, guitarist, and last remaining founding member, Clementine Creevy.  Creevy was the personification of vibrant, youthful spirit, a meteoric energy commandeering the stage with every song. Highlights from the band’s setlist included “Wasted Nun,” “Self Explained,” “Juicy Socks,” “Daddi,” and “Nurse Ratched.” While the band performed some older fan favorite songs, such as “Had Ten Dollaz,” the setlist predominantly featured tracks off of their albums Stuffed & Ready and Apocalipstick. Following their main set, the band wrapped up the night with a two-song encore, including their cover of Nirvana’s “Territorial Pissings” and “Told You I'd Be With the Guys.” To stay connected with the band, be sure to keep an eye out for updates on their social media via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, along with their website. You can check out their eclectic discography on Spotify.
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Pearl Shin