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The Sniper Elite series has always been a guilty pleasure. While its brand of sniping isn’t exactly realistic, it’s certainly fun, and enough of a sniper experience that I find myself playing each game in the series as it comes out. Imagine my surprise, then, when I tried the Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army games to find one of my favorite game series. Seemingly a side project Rebellion was just releasing for Halloween, the Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army eventually became a fully realized, and remastered product with the release of the Zombie Army Trilogy. Now we’re only a few days away from its follow-up, Zombie Army 4—and we are hyped.

Zombie Army 4 made our most anticipated games of 2020 list, and even though we haven’t gotten our hands on it yet, the initial impressions and developer streams look like it’s going to be great. We can’t wait to get our hands on Zombie Army’s unique brand of zombie gameplay. While it shares DNA with Left 4 Dead, Zombie Army throws hordes of slow and special zombies at you in hordes that require careful ammo conservation and use of explosives.

While I’ve never been a fan of explicit gore, something about Sniper Elite’s slow motion kill cams always amused me—perhaps due to their over-the-top nature. Zombie Army 4 promises even more, with added dismemberment and other effects so you can see the results of your shot in slow, gory detail. Rebellion also improved the melee combat system. I’m looking forward to the ability to use melee weapons, and do more than just kick at my foes.

Zombie Army 4 promises a full new campaign, as well as a new expanded horde mode—a feature that seemed to lack attention in the earlier titles. And, of course, you can play all of this with up to three other friends for four player co-op. Some of my favorite cooperative moments were in the Zombie Army series, and I’ll be attempting to recreate those great times when Zombie Army 4 comes out Tuesday.

After you’ve completed the main game, and cut your teeth on horde mode, Rebellion promises continued support post launch, with a whole new side campaign in the works. In addition to the DLC, there will be content updates with new characters, weapons, cosmetics, etc. being released as time goes on. The season pass includes all the planned DLC content, and is included with the Zombie Army 4 deluxe edition.

We’re seriously excited for Zombie Army 4, and can’t wait for its release on Tuesday, Feb 4th. Look for it on PlayStation 4, Windows and Xbox One.




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