Preview: Corruption 2029 from Mutant Year Zero Developer Announced–Release Imminent

Screenshot: Corruption 2029

Mutant Year Zero was a sleeper hit when it arrived at the end of 2018. It was a critical success, and I was eagerly anticipating the next release from developer Bearded Ladies. It turns out, the wait will be shorter than expected. Like, shockingly shorter: Corruption 2029 will release in less than two weeks!

Corruption 2029 will take place in the not-so-distant future of nine years from now in a dystopian America that has been ravaged by war. In it, players will be able to command a squad of augmented soldiers with a goal to infiltrate the inhuman regime responsible for turning American into a war-torn wasteland.

According to the developer, Corruption 2029 is about tactical, cover-based gameplay with an emphasis on stealth and strategy. Running and gunning may not be the best option in Corruption 2029–careful planning and reconnaissance will be the key to success. And sometimes, it might be best to just avoid a fight altogether.

Screenshot: Corruption 2029

Despite its imminent launch, details are surprisingly meager. From what I can see from the trailer, it has a heavy X-COM vibe, and I’m totally okay with that.  Perhaps Corruption 2029 will follow Mutant Year Zero’s success and become another sleeper hit for the small Swedish game studio.

Check out the trailer below, and follow this link to its store page.

Corruption 2029 will release on February 17th as an Epic Game Store Exclusive.

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