For V-Day: Celebrate with Popcorn, Cookies and More

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It’s not too late to plan your Valentine’s Day celebration. Here are some suggestions for honoring the holiday this year. Choose Chicago spotlights 15 things to do in Chicago whether you are enjoying the day with your sweetheart or by yourself.

But let’s explore some of the ways you can take in the love on February 14 if you’re flying solo. Of course, my suggestions involve food!

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  • Knock off work early and whip up a batch of your favorite cookies – heart-shaped cutouts, chocolate chip or whatever you fancy. Or try these festive M&M treats.
  • Grab your cocktail shaker and blend up a raspberry martini; enjoy with cheese, veggies and crackers. If you’re into olives, try green olives stuffed with blue cheese or almonds.
  • Browse through your favorite grocery store and select something to prepare that you’ve never made before, but have wanted to. Perhaps king crab legs or a Cornish hen?
  • Make it a night where you only need a microwave and frozen foods – the options these days are endless especially if you want to eat healthy (Healthy Choice Power Bowl) or indulge (Trader Joe’s Mac ‘n Cheese or Mandarin Orange Chicken).
  • Popcorn and ice cream! This is the ideal combo. If you made those cookies like I suggested, add a few to your bowl of ice cream for a luscious dessert.
  • Breakfast for dinner! Sometimes a bowl of Cheerios or scrambled eggs is all you need.

This Valentine’s Day, curl up with your favorite novel or Netflix show, a bag of strawberry Twizzlers and celebrate you.

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