PREVIEW: C2E2 2020 Episode II: A Choose Your Own Adventure Guide to Saturday

  We'll trust you didn't get in too much trouble the night before and are all ready to go for Saturday at C2E2 2020. Let's not waste any time then, shall we? Just a note in case you just found yourself here for Saturday. What follows is a Choose Your Own Adventure preview of C2E2's Saturday schedule that we think will have a little something for every fandom, but it is a curated list. Check the full panel schedule to make sure nothing great gets by you (and to ensure time hasn't gone all wibbly wobbly and the schedules haven't been changed!)  


It's time for anyone interested in both video and/or tabletop games to get up early on Saturday morning, since the morning kicks off with events just for you. At 10:45am, join Phil Wisniewski and Courtney James as you Learn to Build A Gaming Computer(S502a) OR Hang out with the cast of Critical Role (yes, all of them) at 11am's Talks Machina with the Cast of Critical Role(S406) Anime fans look alive because at 12pm it's time for Funimation's Industry Panel in S401.   MEANWHILE If you're into brand new shows, at 12:15 you can get a Sneak Peek of FX's Devs that includes a conversation with its creator, Alex Garland in S404 OR If you're a sci-fi fan who also loves comedy, get some laughs with local improv group Improvised Star Trek in the Cards Against Humanity Theater at 12:15pm (That's S402, remember)   It remains complicated around this time since there's so much going on. Comic book fans should look to the Main Stage Panel Room (S406) for the Jim Lee Spotlight at 12:15pm BUT If you're a comedy fan, local legend Svengoolie's got his full panel, 40 Years of Svengoolie(S504) starting at 12:30pm. Anime Fans who love music shouldn't miss Anime Name That Tune(S405b) at 12:45pm, WHILE STEM nerds, Jedi, padawan learners and those who love museums should not miss Putting the Science in Science Fiction: Star Wars (S503), which will feature scientists from the Museum of Science and Industry Chicago as well as UIC and Fermilab, also happening at 12:45pm. At 1:30pm, if you're a maker or Mythbusters fan, head over to the Main Stage Panel where they'll be testing the capacity of the room for An Hour With Adam Savage (S406) BUT If you're more into character sheets than the scientific method, hang out with the amazing women of Dungeons, Dice & Everything Nice that we made friends with at C2E2 2018. Once the clock hits 2pm, cosplayers and makers can learn about Advanced Plus Size Cosplay on the Cosplay Central Stage OR If you're more of a foodie or comic book nerd, check out the interesting mashup that is Digestible Images: The Blending of Comics and Food Culture with local chefs and comic experts alike weighing in over in S405b.   At 2:30pm, gamers might be interested in stopping by The Yard (Aisle 600) for the Super Mario Bros 2&3 Speedrun. Whether much of your streaming time is spent watching speedrunners or this will be your first time, it's truly an interesting sight to behold. BUT Anime fans may want to check out Crunchyroll Presents: "The 8th Son? Are You Kidding Me?" Episode 1-2 Premiere (S403) at 3pm. At 4pm, if you're a sentimental DC fan, bid A Farewell to Arrow with Stephen Amell and Emily Beckett Richards back on the Main Stage (S406) OR  Take in a 4pm Rocket League tourney in the Gaming Zone if you're jonesing for some Esports action   You could also go to check out the awesome, fearsome ladies of the Chicago League of Lady Arm Wrestlers (CLLAW for those in the know) who will be doing their thing at the Cards Against Humanity Comedy Theater (S402) at 4:15pm.  At 5:15pm, comic fans won't want to miss the Umbrella Academy Cast Q&A, taking place on the Main Stage AND at 5:45 PM gamers, especially Nintendo fans and streamer fans, will want to head over to the Nintendo Gamer Meetup, which will feature Abdallah Smash.   We know it's getting towards dinnertime, friends, but there's still more to do before you can order that pizza to your hotel room or trek back to your car and head out for dinner. 7pm is HUGE Saturday night. Why? Because you'll need to figure out whether you want to get some great art and be charitable with the C2E2 Charity Art Auction to Benefit St. Jude Children's Hospital (S403)  OR If you're an artist or huge comic book fan, get or use your ticket to see Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman (S504) AND OH NO! Gamers must make a choice between hanging with some truly amazing ladies with the Gorgeous Ladies of Gaming--Darcy Ross, Elysabeth Galati, Keisha Howard, and Shail Mehta to talk both tabletop and video games in S406 at 7pm OR Head over to the Nintendo Switch Meetup where they'll be trying to make the largest Tetris99 Lobby ever, play some casual Smash Bros, and show off local darling Killer Queen Black. And don't worry, if you didn't pack your Switch or haven't got one, I Play Games has you covered with some community setups in S502a for the occasion. Cosplayers from all over the world compete in the C2E2 Crown Championship of Cosplay. Photo by Marielle Shaw. Of course, everyone should know by now that Saturday's main event is at 7:30pm on the Main Stage, when the C2E2 Crown Championships of Cosplay happen. It's something every C2E2 bound nerd should check out at least once, as it features amazing cosplay from cosplayers all around the world vying for the title and crown.   Rounding out the evening, 8pm sees another show at UP Comedy Club for those venturing outside the walls of McCormick Place who are interested in comedy AND 8:15pm brings a choice to film nerds. Should you catch a screening of Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan in S405a? OR Should you watch Ghost in the Shell in S405b. Only you can decide.   You've done well today, C2E2 adventurers. Now try to get some sleep so you can go out with a bang on Sunday!   Editor's Note: If you missed our Friday preview, click here to get a look. Meanwhile, stay tuned for our final chapter, Episode III: Sunday.
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