PREVIEW: Episode III, C2E2 2020: A Choose Your Own Adventure Guide to Sunday

Here we are, already facing the final curtain. We've had a lot of fun so far,  haven't we? As we promised, there's been a little something for every kind of nerd, from wrestling fans and makers to cosplayers, Netflix addicts, comic book nerds and sci-fi fans. Last night, we even got the chance to see how people around the world celebrate their fandoms via cosplay at the C2E2 Crown Championships of Cosplay, where each costume that crossed the stage represented hours, months, sometimes even years of planning and work, and have survived many more cons that you (almost) have this weekend. You're going to have to prove you've toughened up by pretending two days of show floor, a bad case of panel chair butt and the sudden questioning of reality when you consider whether or not there IS a city outside of McCormick Place aren't a thing and be up and at those security lines well before you've actually woken up and recovered from last night. In case you missed it, or need to reference it again, catch Friday's adventures in Episode I of our preview trilogy here, and plan ahead for Saturday with Episode II here.


Avengers need to assemble as bright and early as possible, because it's not super advisable to keep the Hulk waiting. Mark Ruffalo will be on stage in the Main Stage Panel Room(S406) to discuss all things not so jolly green giant and anything else he (or his fans) feel like talking about. OTHERWISE Get a little more sleep, and if you're an anime fan, head to S401 for some Funimation favorites (maybe you can sneak a bowl of cereal in too) OR  Enjoy a little more snoozing at warp speeds because Trek fans won't need to report to the bridge (also known as the Main Stage Panel Room(S406) until 11:15am by which time none other than William Shatner himself will show up for his spotlight.   Tabletop adventurers should head to the the faraway lands of S404 at noon for Rivals of Waterdeep LIVE, a local group of streamers that pairs up new D&D players with experienced roleplayers to help them learn how to make their sessions great. OR If you're the musical sort, head over to The Yard at 12pm instead, where the Deep Fried Pickle Project Jug Band is worth a listen based on the name alone. OR Improv fans or aspirees can hit up 12:15's Storytown Improv: Super Musical Comedy instead and sing WHILE being funny.     At 12:45pm, animation fans, as well as advocates and LGBTQIA+ community should not miss some time discussing The Gay Animation Renaissance (which as advertised will talk about a favorite of ours, Avatar) in S503   At 1pm the gamers who weren't already up taking part in any other number of things that also interest them (What? you can be a gamer and a reader, humanitarian, comic book fan, artist or 9to5er who also digs anime? Shocked Pikachu face!) can pick up a game or spectate some Esports with the Rocket League tourney over in the Gaming Zone. WHILE Comedy fans get into the fun with local group That's Weird, Grandma, which takes scenes and songs created by Chicago Public School students and gives them to talented actors, musicians and comedians to see what they can make of it all at 1:45pm in S403   Come 2pm, get a little more global minded and check out Super Salaam! Muslims and Fandom in S405b at 2pm. 2:30pm brings more comedy with Improv by the legendary and local Second City in S502a OR  You can head to The Yard again, this time for another bit of gaming fun with local Jackbox Games when they bust out The Jackbox Party Pack 6 one more time. Nothing better than a party game that can handle a 10k audience and 8 players and uses smartphones for a convention show floor, eh? By 2:45pm, you'll get a chance to talk all things spoooooky and supernatural with the Ghosts of Chicago panel with local author Scott Larson in (S401) OR Hear people tell stories about their very own worst of times with Mortified!, a show that's always good for a laugh with our peers about some of the terribly embarrassing stuff we did as little kids, teens, and let's face it, continue to sometimes do as adults. They'll be waiting for you in S402 at 2:45pm should you so choose. OR If you need an anime fix, why not hit up the 2:45pm My Hero Academia Cast Q&A, which features Colleen Clinkenbeard, Josh Grelle and Brina Palencia, which takes the Main Stage (S406) for the afternoon THEN Gamers can see if they've actually got some fighting chops at a 3pm Street Fighter V Championship Edition Tournament, or watch fellow gamers duke it out. Things draw to a close with some exciting CONclusions, if you'll forgive the pun, because at 4pm if you've been dying to show off your amazing cosplay (and we know C2E2's cosplayers dress to impress) you can be part of the C2E2 Masquerade Costume Competition on the Main Stage to round out your time OR Say goodbye with a laugh and head to Family HQ with the kids (or without) for Storytown Improv's last performance of the con, as they bring you another round of Super Musical Improv Comedy. FINALLY If you're not quite ready to let it go, check out Sunday's schedule for the remaining comics, anime, crafting, live podcasts, D&D fun and even world premiere anime. An adventurer is you! You've all done a great job, and thanks for joining us for these adventures. Now, use what you've learned to have an excellent time geeking out at C2E2 2020, and we'll see you on the show floor. Don't forget to stop by on the daily during C2E2 for panel catchups and cosplay galleries!
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