Preview: FPS plus Rhythm Game BPM: Bullets Per Minute Will be a Deadly Dance

With contributions by James Brod

Sometimes some flavors just taste good together. Chocolate and peanut butter is the classic example. But someone somewhere had to be the first one to put those two together. Developer Awe Interactive may be on the cusp of a great, unknown flavor combination with BPM: Bullets Per Minute. If you put the genres first-person shooter and rhythm game in the same sentence, I would probably have a hard time grasping the concept. Apparently, it takes a lot of style, sleek graphics, and an awesome soundtrack—at least, from what we’ve heard in the trailers.

BPM: Bullets Per Minute is set in a world of Norse mythology, where you’ll play as one of five different Valkyries. Asgard is being invaded, and your job is to repel the demonic forces. With an obvious retro shooter inspiration, it totes some heavy Doom vibes we can get behind—with gameplay inspired by retro games to back it up. Rocket jumping to evade my enemies sounds to the rhythm is hard to grasp, but it sure seems fun.

Being a roguelike, BPM will have randomly generated levels, which means we can expect a different experience each time through. It sounds like there is a lot of content planned, with eight bosses (including the final boss), over forty items, different abilities, and a range of weapons to blast demons to a rock opera soundtrack.

BPM: Bullets Per Minute will be releasing on PC in August, with plans to bring it to consoles by the end of the year. When writer James Brod reached out via Twitter about a potential Switch release, they expressed interest, but currently have no plans.


Antal Bokor
Antal Bokor

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