Another Round of Bandcamp Waiving Its Fees; Here are Some Great Local Bands You Should Support Today!

Back in March, Bandcamp saw just how much venue closures due to Covid-19 were going to affect musicians and decided to waive their fees on the site for a day, letting much of the profits go to the artists. Tons of labels followed suit and fans responded by buying $4.3 million worth of merch and music!

So after such a rousing success, Bandcamp will be waiving their fees across the board again today until midnight tonight. This won’t be a one-time deal either. Bandcamp has committed to continue helping bands and musicians out on June 5 and July 3. Additionally, many labels will be donating their share of revenue to a variety of charities. You can check out what labels are doing where, as well as special discounts and merch, over at Bandcamp’s blog. 

Tons of artists on Bandcamp would greatly appreciate some love. Whether it’s your favorite touring act or a local star, today’s a great day to support their art. Below are some suggestions from the music team of local artists we think you should check out and maybe buy an album or two through Bandcamp.

  • Fran‘s guitar-driven songs with extraordinary vocals are perfect for these self distancing times
  • Girl K – You can’t get much better than Katherine Patino’s excellent project! Check out our review of their set with Charly Bliss from TNK!
  • The Glow Ups Chicago-based, punk rock trio features Mike Licari (Bass/Vocals), Kevin De Leon (Drums), and Brian Perfect (Guitar/Vocals). After a series of three separately released singles, the band officially released its debut album, Take Your Tapas Off, on April 27. Accompanied by the band’s “down to earth” nature, their songs take you on a voyage of pop-punk nostalgia. They hold the central theme of “not having to impress anybody” and you witness this in their lyrical storytelling – comprised of real-life stories and experiences.
  • The Hecks – Great local band balancing angular post punk and catchy synth rock, with an awesome live show to boot
  • Impulsive Hearts makes sun-soaked tunes that will make staying at home way better
  • Jessica Risker — psychedelic folk musician and sound designer making some excellent tunes to chill out to.
  • Joshua Wentz — electronic artist and multi-instrumentalist who has released over 20 EPs and 10 albums
  • Joslyn-Marie
  • Krystal Metcalfe
  • Late Night Laundry
  • Liam Kazar has learned and recorded 20 song requests this week for $25 donations to Hungry Brain and the project is now on Bandcamp: With A Song. He’s also released a new song since then, “Shoes Too Tight”, go check it out!
  • Melvin Knight
  • Mother Nature

  • V.V. Lightbody just released her new album TODAY! this is the perfect time to check out her work!

Also let’s not forget these incredible local labels.

There are plenty of other great bands on Bandcamp, so take a look around and discover something new! If you have any recommendations, comment below and spread the love because everybody needs it right now!

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Julian Ramirez