Preview: TONIGHT Raks Geek’s Cyberspace Edition II Brings Home All The Nerdy Fun and Fantastic Talent

There are a lot of incredible groups for people who love nerdy things in Chicago, whether that’s gaming, nerdlesque, theater, dance or all of those things. One of our favorite groups in town that features amazingly talented performers who are also awesome people is Raks Geek. After all, what can it hurt to add fire and dancing to our favorite nerd franchises? The answer: Nothing. It can only end well for anyone who is a fan of bellydancing Wookiees, Star Trek, Marvel, Nintendo and video games in general and…well, just about any lovely nerdy thing you can dream up. Carmen Sandiego takes off her classic trench to reveal her alter ego as Waldo and spin some fire? Sign us up!

Dawn Xiana Moon, Raks Geek

Since in-person shows are not a thing right now, they’ve been bringing their unique and impressive brand of bellydancing, flow arts and fire to the virtual space. Just recently the group did a special show called I Am Not A Virus (which you can watch in its entirety here) to benefit Asian Americans Advancing Justice ,which fights to combat racism, harassment and violence towards Asian Americans at a time when, sadly, it’s become even more prevalent.

Gaea Lady

You won’t have to wait long to see these geeky geniuses in action, as the next in their lineup of great  livestream shows drops this evening, and you still have time to make plans to catch it. Raks Geek: Cyberspace Edition II will be streaming live on Facebook tonight at 8pm.

Lee Na Moo, Raks Geek

As if it weren’t enough for these amazing performers to have to wrangle their own costumes and choreograph their own routines, now they or their partners are also filming segments for live shows–and the results, as expected, are phenomenal. Take one look at the power and skill of Kamrah Raqs and Lee Na Moo or the precise grace of founder Dawn Xiana Moon, Gaea Lady or Phaedra Darwish and and you’ll be hooked. This isn’t simply a dance performance with some added nerd shtick–it’s something borne out of the passion and fandom of a tight knit group of incredibly skilled and multitalented artists who are rightfully well recognized nationally and internationally as some of the best the bellydance/fire art and flow artists out there.

Kamrah Raqs, Raks Geek

So, instead of movie night or another Netflix binge, support something truly unique and impressive, and tune in for Raks Geek’s funny, fiery, fierce brand of entertainment. We’ll “see” you there.



Marielle Bokor
Marielle Bokor