Wyatt Waddell Urges You to Stand Against Divide and “FIGHT!”

We've going through a difficult time. Not just the past few months, but for the entire history of our country. Currently it has reached a boiling point, another boiling point that is, and protests across the nation are trying to underline what has already been brought to light countless times and unfortunately ignored just as many times. Wyatt Waddell is one of those people putting his efforts behind fighting the violent discrimination the black community faces at the hands of police, the government, and the systematic abuses that seep into the lives of people. Wyatt, who grew up on the South Side and works with at-risk kids through the music education non-profit Intonation Music, has released a new song speaking to protesters out there right now. Following the lead of Nina Simone's quote "an artist’s duty as far as I’m concerned is to reflect the times," Waddell saw the hardships going on and chose to use his voice to highlight them. "FIGHT" doesn't pull a single punch. It blatantly points out the multitudes of transgressions pitted against protesters and the people they are protesting to support. It urges people to stand up for what is right as they are pushed back against a wall. It's all held together with Waddell's incredible instrumentation and uplifting voice sounding glorious and soulful as he's belting out this much-needed message. "FIGHT!" implores a community of those directly affected and allies to not let the unjust oppression shut you down. It urges you to stand for what you believe in, reminding listeners "It’s your moral right / To stand against divide".  While everything going on is scary and frightening, Waddell is intent on quelling those fears, saying "Hearing people’s fears and anxieties helped me write the song. I hope that it can be an anthem for my people as they’re fighting for a better America." So as you read this and listen to this song, remember where it's coming from and do your best to make things right. "FIGHT!" is available now on Bandcamp, which is waiving all its fees today, June 5. Additionally, 100% of all sales of this song will be donated to the following three organizations: Chicago Community Bond Fund, Black Lives Matter Chicago, and Greater Chicago Food Depository. Go and purchase this important song, stand up against the divide, and "FIGHT!"
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Julian Ramirez