Chicago New Media Artists for Racial Justice Raise Funds With Great Game Bundle


If you wanted a way to support some great local causes and support local new media artists, the VGA Gallery has collaborated with 19 creators to release the Chicago New Media Artists for Racial Justice bundle on All proceeds will be going to BLM Chicago, Chicago Community Bond Fund, ChiCAT, and Brave Space Alliance.

If you’re looking for games, there are some great ones on here. Dead End is a charming “one button” game (though left and right were later added) where you decide at any moment to shoot or flee as hordes of zombie come to bear. Or the critically acclaimed and beloved Octodad: Dadliest Catch—which is developed by the same studio that is bringing you the delightfully weird Bugsnax. Codemancer (see our review here) is a charming game that actually teaches you the basics coding. Local party games like Sausage Sports Club and Real Winners: Victoryball are great with friends. That’s just to name a few, check out the bundle to see the rest.

You can also get the first three issues of the VGA Reader—a peer reviewed academic journal that we’ve covered a few times–and a few other odds and ends, like a tool that searches for Chicago Police Department misconduct complaints based on your location.

So far it’s raised over one thousand dollars towards its ten thousand dollar goal. The money is going to some great causes, and you can see the work of local game designers and digital artists from the Chicago area. You can take advantage of this bundle for the next 14 days, and we highly recommend you do–for the great games and the great causes.

Check out the Chicago New Media Artists for Racial Justice bundle here.









Antal Bokor
Antal Bokor

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