Third Coast Streamer Spotlight: Spark Tabor


Spark Tabor. Photo via performer’s Backstage profile.

On Friday, we introduced you to the Third Coast Streamer Spotlight. In case you missed it, Third Coast Review’s Games & Tech section has recently begun streaming on Twitch, covering games editor Antal Bokor is reviewing as well as staff favorites. As we learned more about streaming and became a part of the community, we wanted to put a spotlight on some other great local streamers and hopefully, help connect them with folks who might not have known about them–or might not know where to start when wanting to check out what’s on offer with Twitch and streaming entertainment. 

To that end, we started Third Coast Streamer Spotlight. This series will look at small local streamers, help you get to know them and their content better and hopefully help streamers connect with new audience members. 

Our first edition is a closer look at one of the streamers on our intro post’s list.

Spark Tabor is a local standup comedian and performer who also loves video games. As it turns out, we’ve run across him before at the Humboldt Pie comedy show back in 2018 and loved his act. It also turns out he’s multitalented, hosting a podcast called Cookies for Breakfast, as well as putting on comedy shows and trivia nights on his stream as well.

You can find Spark streaming on Twitch on his channel, spizzlation. On his channel he streams Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 and Fortnite, as well as doing his weekly comedy show called Joke, Toast, Roast where he has his fellow comedian friends come on to, as you’d expect, bring their best jokes, their best roasts and then, in the spirit of friendship their best toasts/compliments. 

We got a chance to ask Spark a few questions about why he streams and what he likes about it, and we thought we’d share those with you. 

What made you decide to start streaming?

I have always loved playing video games and entertaining people. As a stand up comic of 9 years, I have made somewhat of a career out of doing the latter (still need a day job though). I had tried streaming before and gotten nervous when larger groups watched so I stopped each time. This time I had a space stand up left that i wanted filled, and streaming in part has done that for me.


What is your favorite thing about streaming?

My favorite thing about streaming is making friends. I love making the world feel smaller by knowing more people in it. I have people I met on Twitch that I have connected with outside of that, and I really look forward to more of that down the line. Also less popularly but still genuinely, making any amount of money for doing two things you love (playing video games and talking to strangers) is extra dope.


What’s your favorite game to stream and why?

My favorite game to stream right now is NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 because I usually win and people seem more interested in talking to me while I play it, which I want. Plus the game isn’t super serious and really lets more of my personality come out than when I play, say, Call of Duty which I like but it requires way more attention and focus.


What do you think is unique about your stream?

I talk a lot of sh*t. Most of the streamers I watch are pretty positive and carefree when they play and if it is a game I really care about winning (like COD and Rocket League) I am going to act like it. Not saying that you can’t be carefree and still care…absolutely saying I, specifically, can’t. I criticize the people I play with and I definitely criticize myself. I do try to be more flowery but that is a facade. If you watch long enough you’re going to hear me say something like, “What part of that decision seemed good to you dude?” when a player steps in front of me to shoot an opponent blocking my bullets, misses, and gets us both killed.

Also I do weekly comedy shows, which for right now are the most popular part of my stream package, so W’s in the chat for that.


Where else can we find you? 

I am @sparktabor on all social media including my Patreon except for Twitch I’m @spizzlation there. I have a weekly podcast released on Mondays called Cookies for Breakfast that covers pop culture and sex.  You can find me anywhere– all my profiles are public and don’t be afraid to reach out, potential new friends.

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