Review: Enterprise and Iconic Villains Are Great Additions to Star Trek Adventures


Star Trek Adventures Iconic Villains


I’ve been GMing a Star Trek Adventures campaign for over a year now. While having an epic campaign is great, sometimes you want to break the pattern with a one-shot. Or perhaps you want to incorporate some of the famous character—or villains—into your playthrough. Modiphius, publisher of many 2d20 games and Star Trek Adventures has a great of supplements for it that includes a whole range of friendly NPCs and villains to meet and help or antagonize your players.

Released a little while ago, the Enterprise crew pack finished off the run of shows that Modiphius seems to hold the rights to. Captain Archer, T’Pol, Tucker, Reed, Sato, Phlox and Mayweather are given the tabletop roleplaying treatment with stats, personal values that match their on-screen personas, and a little bit of a lore blurb–plenty of information to play as one of these crewmembers, or add them to a campaign.

Star Trek Adventures Iconic Villains

Sometimes the stats that Modiphius’ authors have assigned to these characters are a little surprising. You’ll find out that none of these characters are overpowered, and may even have stats that are less than your player created Star Trek Adventures characters. It’s an interesting insight into how these characters stack up within the Star Trek Adventures’ take on the universe.

The Enterprise pack also comes with the show’s biggest hero: the NX-01 Enterprise. A scrappy ship that can hit warp 5 as its max speed, it has no deflector shielding—relying only on hull polarization—and instead of a tractor beam, it’s equipped with grappler cables. Of course, the ship and its crew came from a time where transporters weren’t trusted, and the Enterprise character pack does a great job of placing you into that era.

Star Trek Adventures Iconic Villains

While the Enterprise pack may have an intrepid crew, one that is destined to help form the Federation, Star Trek would be nothing without its array of villains. And what makes those villains so great, is they could range from anything to misunderstanding silicon being, to facing off against legendary Klingon warriors—and sometimes even outsmarting god-like entities.

The Star Trek Adventures Iconic Villains supplement is full of famous non-player characters to test your crews against, or even just state your curiosity. Wonder what a Q’s stat block looks like? Yes, everything is maxed out. Do you want to recreate Kirk and the Gorn Captain’s famous fight? You’re in luck, he’s in there too. Locutus, General Chang from Star Trek VI, Picard’s Borg from Locutus, Data’s brother Lore, the lecherous and evil Gul Dukat from Deep Space 9, and even the Borg Queen are detailed in the Iconic Villains supplement, to fill out the roster.  The Iconic Villains non-player characters supplement is probably one of my favorite resources that Modiphius has released—it’s so short, but super informative.

Star Trek Adventures Iconic Villains

Of course, any of these characters can be taken as-is, or manipulated. If you wanted something like the Lore to villainize your crew, but don’t want to come up with a store reason why he’s there—just swap out the name, maybe a few of his values and mix around the wording on special rules, and you have a brand new villain.

Both of these supplements are done in the attractive style that I’ve come to expect from Modiphius publications. The Enterprise characters supplement is stylized to look like something from the show it’s based on, and the Iconic Villains supplement takes on the style of the eras the villains hail from, with LCARs stylization accompanied by illustrations that help encapsulate these characters.

Star Trek Adventures Iconic Villains

If you’re playing a Star Trek Adventures campaign, or plan to—as a GM or a player—it makes sense to grab these. Even if you don’t use these exact characters, they can be used as inspiration or fast stat blocks for PCs or NPCs made on-the-fly.

Check out the Enterprise character supplement here and the recently released Iconic Villains characters here.


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