Third Coast Streaming Spotlight: Super GG Radio

If you're a fan of video games and like feeling like you're friends with the folks you watch on streams and listen to on podcasts, and you have yet to hear of Super GG Radio we think you're going to want to remedy that quick. Super GG Radio is a group of awesome folks from right here in Chicago that have a podcast on NPR's Front Row Network and a Twitch stream dedicated to various video game antics. They play all sorts of games in all combinations from married couples gaming together to friends and solo playthroughs of everything from Dragon Quest Builders 2 and Chrono Trigger to more recently, Kingdom Hearts. On Sundays they even delve into tabletop gaming with a weekly Magic: The Gathering Session. This is without all the extra content they put out between their social media accounts, the podcast and the website. If you love games and easygoing good times, this is a great local streamer to follow or subscribe to. But before you do that, get to know them a little bit with our streamer spotlight! What made you decide to start streaming? We are a podcast first but streaming has always been something we've wanted to be part of. Specifically to share some of the beta tests we play, get first looks at the smaller side of game development but also encompass the environment we try to display with our podcast: Hanging with your friends, so when watching one of our streamers, you will feel that "hanging out with your friends" type of environment. What's your favorite thing about streaming? When streaming a game that is "in development" we get a lot of active interactions with the developers in the chat, giving us feedback or advice when playing their game. We've seen this with streams of Pode, Vitamin Connection and Verlot Swing. They love to hear our perspective on their games and take our feedback for future changes. What's your favorite game to stream and why? Of all our streams, watching our friend Kevin play every single Metal Gear Solid for the first time and watching his reactions have been great. Especially with the podcast hosts in the chat cheering him on or on discord. What do you think is unique about your stream? We have several "shows" giving different perspectives, personalities and games so there's something for everyone. Do you like multiplayer online shooters? 2D retro games? CRPG's? Magic the Gathering? We have all that covered. So you can find a show for you.
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