The Hideout Online Finds a New Home at NoonChorus

When you think of the top places to see a show in Chicago, it would be obscene to neglect The Hideout. The small tucked away venue has been one of the best in town for quite some time. It’s that perfect size with an atmosphere that feels cozy and welcoming to see a show or just to stop by and have a beer. All that pretty much stopped as COVID-19 ran rampant, forcing the Hideout to move online in order to keep on giving the music community a much needed platform to perform.

Starting off on Mixer (RIP), then moving to Twitch, Hideout has been giving artists a chance to share their sounds with fans and continue making money doing what they love.  Most of these moves started out as a short term methods to keep the Hideout’s amazing curation and its performers afloat. But as the pandemic continues on and safety being a priority, the Hideout has transitioned to a longer term model to help sustain the venue and wonderful people who perform there.

The Hideout will be teaming up with NoonChorus, another great streaming platform that has been presenting high-quality concerts and performances during the pandemic. Through the partnership, the Hideout and NoonChorus will be improving the quality of shows and offering a $25 monthly subscription that will give fans of the storied venue access to all the Hideout’s regular programming (including Robbie Fulks’ monthly residency, the new To The Front songwriter showcase, multi-camera productions Live from the Hideout, the always excellent comedy programming, and consistent talk shows and storytelling series). The partnership will also give the Hideout and its performers a reliable income during these turbulent times.

The new Hideout Online goes live in September with an incredible slate of shows already lined up; you can check them out below! You can sign up for the $25 monthly subscription here as well as browse through the Hideout’s merch and support this fantastic venue.

Julian Ramirez
Julian Ramirez