“SHOTGUN Remix” Shows How Much Matt Muse and femdot. Love Their Friends

Last year, Matt Muse released his EP Love and Nappyness, a fantastic snapshot of the rapper’s incredible flow and unique outlook. The small collection of songs focused on different types of love in his life, from self love to physical love and beyond. It certainly delivered a feel good sound, which the theme rightly deserved as the EP touches on the important things in life, even if they are as simple as getting a ride from friends. Such is the case with “SHOTGUN”, which gets some new life breathed into it with this remix/video featuring femdot..

The original track is one of the shorter ones on Love and Nappyness, even when coupled it’s accompanying interlude of two friends calling shotgun and playing rock paper scissors for a car ride. The remix has femdot. adding a verse that only further strengthens the friendship bonds that Muse started off with and makes for a great one two punch.

“SHOTGUN Remix” is fast and fun and as Muse says, “fuck being subtle”, as he breaks down how much love he has for his friends that need a ride and how much they appreciate it. Muse drops lines like “I will never leave you stranded” so effortlessly and bursting with sincerity, making it undeniable clear that love for his friends is unconditional. The whole concept exudes selflessness as the idea that getting a car wasn’t even necessarily for personal use, but as a way to help out those friends. The video, which was directed by Muse and Imaginat, is a perfect companion to the song with cars of all shapes and sizes (including one of those little trucks kids can ride around in) are lined up with femdot. and Muse looking as chill as they ever have.

You can check out Love and Nappyness on Bandcamp, Spotify, Soundcloud and more.


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Julian Ramirez