Miranda Winters of Melkbelly Steps Into the Spotlight on Her Latest Single

Photo by Lenny Gilmore.

Melkbelly, the somewhat genre-less and thrilling Chicago-based band that Miranda Winters sings and plays guitar with, is truly a monster of the local scene (in all the good ways). So when I heard Winters had a debut single coming out you could color me intrigued. After hearing it, you could color me quite pleased indeed.

All-Purpose is the name of the double-sided single and these two songs allow her to showcase her singular musical voice in a less frenzied setting than her band usually occupies. The gently building towers of swirling synths on “Double Mirrored Light” and and the quiet restraint of “Little baby Dead Bird” are both singular points you can see that expansiveness breaking through. While Melkbelly is often about overpowering the listener, Winters sidles up too you on these songs and the presence is quite welcoming in its quiet focus.

Basically, it’s nice, mellow little indie stuff that definitely portends more grand ambitions. So get in on the ground floor now!


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Jim Kopeny / Tankboy
Jim Kopeny / Tankboy

Tankboy resides in the body of Jim Kopeny and lives in Mayfair with Pickle the Kitten and a beagle named Betty (RIP) who may actually be slightly more famous than most of the musicians slogging through the local scene. He's written about music for much longer than most bands you hear on the radio have even existed.

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