The Foons’ New Single “Shapes” Delivers Gripping Synth Heavy Sounds

A long time ago (last year) in a galaxy far, far, away (Ukrainian Village), I saw the Foons perform the opening set at the Empty Bottle. It feels like a lifetime now; time flies when you’re scared to death, right? In fact, the Foons set I saw was the second to last concert I’ve seen, but I really couldn’t have asked for a better penultimate show before shows disappeared. Now they’ve got a new single and an accompanying music video coming out this Friday, and it reminds me why that show was so damn good.

The Foons’ new single, “Shapes,” came out last week and it immediately reminded me why I liked them so much. The opening synths feel like I’ve stepped into the intro of some ’80s sci-fi, RoboCop or Escape from New York maybe, increasing and decreasing in volume like a passing Metra train. It’s that kind of song that makes you nostalgic for something just out of reach, if that makes any sense.

In my previous article covering the Foons, I mentioned the similarities to LCD Soundsystem, and that’s still there to an extent, mainly the uncanny similarity between the lead singer’s voice and James Murphy. I’ve said this before, but I try to avoid describing anything as “ it’s like X” because it glosses over the details that make it special, be it a video game or a band, from its contemporaries. The Foons have their own unique sound, and I really enjoy it.

Additionally, they’ve just released a visualizer for “Shapes,” and it’s a weird one. There are the usual hallmarks of this type of music video: animated visuals moving in time to the music, but then there’s a spinning bowl of fruit slowly being covered in honey. It’s weird, almost trippy, and it adds to the songs vaporwave-esque vibe. I love it.

My first experience with the Foons surprised me with how good they were, and this newest release just further cements my belief that you should keep an eye on these guys if you’re in to synth-heavy indie rock, because they’ve more than proven they’re talents in the genre.

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James Brod

James Brod recently graduated from Dominican University, with a degree in political science. Ironically, he had previously considered majoring in journalism, but didn’t want to write for a living. Funny how things turn out, isn’t it? You can find him wandering the northwest suburbs, or on Twitter at @JamesBrod12.