Old Joy Shares the Gift of Music with Monks Aflame

Credit: Vanessa Valadez

There is something special about sharing music with music lovers, friends, family, and fellow fans. In a way, sharing music in a world where we feel so distant from one another provides a string of connectivity. In this season of giving, music has the power to connect us, reaching hearts and emotions that have become so numb, empty, and distressed.

Alex Reindl’s solo project, known as Old Joy, plays right on the strings of giving, providing all proceeds from his most recent release, Monks Aflame, to Chicago-based nonprofit organization My Block, My Hood, My City and Munster-based Never Alone Recovery Network.

Both organizations offer much needed resources to their respective communities. My Block, My Hood, My City, founded by Jahmal Cole, provides “underprivileged youth with an awareness of the world and opportunities beyond their neighborhood,” focusing on the core values of interconnectivity, empathy, hope, and civic responsibility.

Never Alone Recovery was “founded by addicts for addicts, providing access and treatment to top drug & alcohol addiction treatment centers” focused on the core values of purpose, passion, and efficiency.

Credit: Vanessa Valadez

Old Joy emerged as a result of the death of Reindl’s close friend and musical collaborator, Sean Quinn. Reindl himself has struggled with addiction and going to jail a few times in the past. Old Joy was a new path to stay sober, stay out of trouble, and to share his art with the world after Quinn’s mother told Reindl to keep pursuing the dream he shared with Quinn.

Old Joy is as motivated by death as it is by life. It digs deep into the human experience, but still comes out on the other side as optimistic, hopeful, and joyful, as My Block, My Hood, My City and Never Alone Recovery aim to help others with opportunities and brighter futures.

Be the first to listen to Old Joy’s Monks Aflame and be sure to purchase your own download for the cause.

Michael Kocourek
Michael Kocourek

Michael Kocourek is a Berwyn native, now living on the north side. He is a marketing professional, but beyond the corporate world, his passion involves sharing live concert experiences with the masses. If he isn’t curating a playlist or sharing a new song, he’s likely eating at a Chicago restaurant or cooking.

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