Preview: Cinematic Platformer Lunark Gets a Playable Demo for Steam’s Game Festival

Screenshot: Lunark

I think I’ve had Another World and Flashback on my brain. I keep seeing aspects of those games in every game I’ve been playing. I think I made the comparison when writing a preview for the dark action platformer Olija, thought it might not have been completely apt. Here, however, it is. Lunark feels like it’s a spiritual successor to those games and other similar platformers from the 80’s and 90’s.

Lunark is an adventure platformer with pixel art graphics that are almost as smooth as those rotoscoped in games like Prince of Persia, Flashback, and Another World, that undoubtedly served as inspiration for Lunark. In fact, if you’ve ever played any of those games, or are familiar with other cinematic platformers, Lunark will feel extremely familiar. You can run, jump, hang, pull yourself onto ledges, etc. You also have a gun that can shoot—though in the demo you can only shoot horizontally.

Death by falling is almost a certainty in Lunark, as it was in those earlier classics. But unlike those games Lunark is paying homage to, Lunark almost uses a simpler graphics style than I expected. But despite its lower resolution, Lunark is a pretty game, and has plenty of stunning cinematic interstitials.

There is not yet a release date available for Lunark, but you’ll get a chance to play a demo of it when Steam’s Game Festival goes live. The demo has about an hour of gameplay, and it introduces the controls and a little bit of Lunark’s world. The demo contains a mixture of combat and platforming, and culminates with a boss fight. It shows off Lunark’s potential, and it’s definitely something I’m going to be keeping an eye out for.

Screenshot: Lunark

Check out the demo for Lunark during Steam’s Game Festival, starting tomorrow.




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