Your #StaytheFHome Chicago Curated Weekend: 2/11 and Beyond

“T.K.O.” by 8bitlexicon

Things aren’t fully ok in the world yet as the continuing pandemic is still keeping certain establishments closed and that means you should take precautions seriously. If you’re going out to support business during these COVID heavy times, please wear a mask and social distance as best you can. Eventually we’d love to have the curated weekend be back to recommending fun in-person events, but we can only do that by staying home or being extra safe when we go out.

While outdoor/in person events will continue to take a back seat in the #staythefhome version of the Curated Weekend, there are still a few events that don’t quite fall into exclusively virtual events. Some events here and there look safe to attend. Even so, check them out for yourselves and don’t go out if you don’t feel comfortable (we actually urge you to support these events from home), there’s still plenty to do at home thanks to all the great streaming services.

And if you’re opting to stay home, then let’s find something fun to do! Whether you’re doing your part in fighting against police brutality, working out, trying out some new recipes, or whatever catches your fancy; you may still have a few hours in your day that need filling up. There are tons of fun ideas highlighted in this week’s curated weekend including some from previous #StaytheFHome editions where the editors here at Third Coast Review suggested a few things you can enjoy while you’re at home during these social distancing, self-quarantining days!

Since we’re all still in this together, we encourage you to check out Do312’s running list of venues that could use some love! Donate if you can and remember to support them by going to shows once it’s safe to do so!

Stay home and stay safe and healthy. Listen to our healthcare policy experts. Science matters. Wear a mask. Keep washing your hands. And check in on 3CR, where we promote the arts for everyone’s sake.

Let’s try and stay the fuck inside and enjoy your curated weekend!


JBTV Revolution Television Virtual Festival 2021 @ TIXR, the most musical inclined pot in your home, 1pm
WHAT: Support local music venues and music therapy with this fantistc lineup of shows!
SO WHAT: With no live music for the foreseeable future, we all need a little more video performance to scratch that live music itch. That’s part of why JBTV will be sharing archives from their studio as well as Metro shows for their Virtual Festival this weekend. You’ll be able to catch never before seen performances and content from some incredible bands! The lineup is stacked with artists like Alt J Charli XCX, Twin Peaks, Portugal The Man, and The Smashing Pumpkins!
NOW WHAT: Tickets are $12 per day or $30 for all three days plus a week to replay all these great shows! Procceds will benefit Chicago Independent Venue League (CIVL), National Independent Venue Association (NIVA), and music therapy foundation Nordoff Robbins.


61st Annual University of Chicago Folk Festival @ UC Folk Fest Facebook and YouTube, the folkiest spot in your home, 7:00pm
WHAT: Livestreamed folk for you weekend
SO WHAT: Another festival goes digital, this time it’s University of Chicago Folk Festival giving everyone a chance to experience some fantastic folk music! Performers will include Brìghde Chaimbeul, Gorrión Serrano, Hubby Jenkins, Germaine, Kevin Henderson, Cedric Watson, David Davis and the Warrior River Boys, Dromeno, and Bruce Greene! There will also be workshops on Saturday which you can register for here.
NOW WHAT: Shows and workshops are free, just head to their streaming info page for links to register for workshops

The Jazz Institute of Chicago presents: Lenard Simpson Quartet & Bitchin Bajas @ Constellation, the most musically inclined room in your home, 8:00pm
A pair of amazing shows for your weekend!
SO WHAT: Constellation has been putting on some incredible shows during the pandemic and this weekend will feature pair of great shows. Then on Saturday Bitchin Bajas will perform their meditative and textured songs that blend electronic and acoustic instruments.
NOW WHAT: Stream tickets are $15, so sit back and enjoy the incredible show this weekend!

Kurt Elling Quintet – special Valentine’s Day concert @ Mandolin, your favorite spot at your place, 7:00pm
WHAT: A jazz star streaming right into your living room.
SO WHAT: Grammy-winning vocalist Kurt Elling’s increibdle voice will be returing to your streaming devices for a special Valentines show this weekend at the Epiphany Center for the Arts. Check out our look at our review of his first show in his Green Mill series here!
NOW WHAT: Tickets are $20 for this special Valentine’s Weekend show! Go check it out!


Dennis Walkins @ The Magic Parlour at Home, on your favorite streaming device in the most magical spot in your home, 8:00pm
WHAT: A little bit of magic to spice up your weekend!
SO WHAT: While Dennis Watkins is usually conjuring up wonderful effects and illusions live and in person, for the time being he’s only sticking to the live part as he takes his magical act to Zoom! Gather your bubble together, dress to the nines, and experience some fantastic magic right at home!
NOW WHAT: Tickets are $65 and they usually go fast, so book a magical evening as soon as you can!


Fulton Street Collective Jazz Series @ Their YouTube channel, the cosiest spot in your home, 8:00pm
WHAT: Some excellent jazz for your evening
SO WHAT: Fulton Street Collective may not be able to perform for you in person, but they are determined to give Chicago its much needed dose of jazz through these streamed shows! You can see all their shows on their YouTube channel! Below are just some of the upcoming shows from the collective:

NOW WHAT: The shows are free, but you should definitely support Fulton Street Collective by becoming a member!

Brandi Carlil performs The Story @ Veeps Livestream platform, the most comfortable spot in your home, 8:00pm 
 An evening of beautiful Americana
SO WHAT: Brandi Carlile, whose distinct and graceful voice has been charming folk and Americana fans for over a decade, will be doing a special live stream playing the entirety of her second album, The Story!  Check out our review of the last time she was in town at the Huntington Bank Pavilion and of the The Story show here!
NOW WHAT: Tickets are $15 for just the live stream or $38 for the livestream and a copy of Brandi Carlile’s book Broken Horses. The livestream will be available to purchase and watch until 11:59pm on February 14. Proceeds from ticket sales will benefit the Brandi Carlile band and crew fund.

Virtual Cinema @ Music Box Theatre, unsurprisingly at your home, any time you want to watch a movie
WHAT: A great way to support a great local theater
SO WHAT: The Music Box Theatre is still closed to the public, but you can still watch great moves and support them online! They are currently screening films via their The Music Box Direct series! Check out new films like Another Round, Atlantis, Blizzard of Souls, Dear Comrades!, A Glitch in the Matrix, Identifying Features, My Little Sister, Notturno, Preparations to be Together for an Unknown Period, True Mothers, and You Will Die at Twenty. There also tons of select titles available on their new platform!
NOW WHAT: Digital tickets are $12, so sit back and enjoy! Also Music Box To Go is back with all the drinks and snacks you need to enjoy a movie at home!

New Talks and Video Archives @ Chicago Humanities Festival YouTube channel, your favorite browser or YouTube’s app, any time you want some inspiration, All Ages
WHAT: Interesting conversations with interesting people!
SO WHAT: Chicago Humanities Festival brings some of the best ideas to the surface with entertaining programming that captures your imagination. Their website is constantly updated with upcoming talks, so check out the wealth of previous events in their archives!
NOW WHAT: Head over to take a look at their past events here! You should also sign up for their email list to get updates on upcoming talks in 2021.

The Hideout Online @ Hideout’s current streaming Home: NoonChorus , on your favorite streaming device, usually in the evening
WHAT: Miss the good times spent at the Hideout? Well here’s the digital version!
SO WHAT: While we may not be able to properly hang at the Hideout just yet, we can still experience all the dancing, bingo, talk shows, music, comedy, and Robbie Fulks we can handle from home! You just jump on over to the brand new Hideout Online at NoonChorus to join in on the Hideout digital community. They are offering a monthly subscription to watch their amazing lineup of shows for only for $25! You can still check out individual shows with out the subscription, but that subscription is a fantastic deal! Check out their schedule below or at their website and get ready for some fun!

  • Thursday February 11 – A Very Special Valentine’s Day : A Benefit for Chicago Community Jail Support – 7:00pm – $10
    Join host Clare Austen-Smith for a benefit stream for Chicago Community Jail Support at the Hideout! CCJS is outside of Cook County Jail every day providing transportation, temporary housing and support to those released from Cook County Jail and their families. Following the release of Warm Violet featuring a slew of Chicago artists, CCJS is coming together for “A Very Special Valentine’s Day”which  celebrates that release and the work of CCJS with a night of comedy, musical performances by bands who contributed to the album, and interviews with members of CCJS! The special show will feature performances by AJ Marroquin, Ohmme, Parker Callahan, Monogamy, Maggie Winters, Bone Reader, Meg Indurti, NNAMDÏ, Grace Freud, Julia Shiplett, and more!
  • Friday February 12 and every following Friday – LP’s Happy Hour – 5:00pm to 7:00pm – $5
    Award-winning country singer, sought-after DJ, and long-time Hideout employee Lawrence Peters will be hosting a weekly happy hour on Hideout Online, from his home to yours. Maybe you’ll tune in for some deep cuts from his lauded collection of records, maybe some Hideout folks will drop in to swap stories about the bar, or maybe LP will even sing ya a tune.
  • Saturday February 13 – Music 4 Ur Ears – HLDAY MAGIK’s Visual Album Release – $5
    Pamela Maurer (Baby Money) brings you her new project HLDAY MAGIK’s debut! Music 4 Ur Ears – a 7 song visual album inspired by love,dating, quarantine, and more tied together with the loose narrative of a QVC-esque home shopping show. Catch a glimpse into the strangeness of our new means of connection and remote creativity while following the players in isolation.
  • Tuesday February 16 – Write Club – 7:00pm – $5

NOW WHAT: Head to Hideout Online, tip these fine folks accordingly, and enjoy the Hideout vibes at home! Also be aware: starting in September, Hideout online will be moving to NoonChorus and will be offering a subscription to watch their amazing lineup of shows for only for $25 a month! Check out the full details here!

Film Center from Your Sofa @ The Gene Siskel Film Center of the School of the Art Institute, your couch or preferred movie watching spot in your place, pretty much any time
WHAT: The Film Center at Home
SO WHAT:The Gene Siskel Film Center of the School of the Art Institute is continuing their excellent series Film Center from Your Sofa .This is a fun way to stay in digital touch with the Film Center and watch some great films from the comfort of home! Enjoy films like Two of Us (Starting 2/12); Minari (Starting 2/12); Our Right to Gaze: Black Film Identities (Starting 2/12); Preparations to be Together for an Unknown Period (Starting 2/12); A Glitch in the Matrix; My Rembrandt; Atlantis; M.C. Escher – Journey to InfinityAcasa, My Home; Night Shift; Identifying Features; Rock Camp: The Movie; The Salt of Tears; Some Kind of Heaven ; Museum Town; The Weasel’s Tale; The Rabbi Goes West; Finding Yingying; Another Round; and more! Head over to their listings and start watching!
NOW WHAT: Digital tickets are $12, so sit back and enjoy!

Fun Times with Local Museums @ the comfort of your own home, a various collection of websites, whenever you want a little dose of educational fun, All Ages
WHAT: A chance to explore and help out some great local museums during these quarantine days
SO WHAT: Our incredible Museums editor Mariel Bokor has compiled a great list of interesting programming available from museums like the Art Institute of Chicago, the Field Museum, MSI, the Shedd Aquarium, and the Adler Planetarium during this stay at home time. It also notes which are closed for the season and how you can help support them during these times! Check out part one and part two of our roundup featuring tons of programming suggestions!
NOW WHAT: Check out our article and discover something new!

The Infinite Wrench Goes Viral 30 Digital Plays in 60 Analog Minutes @ The Neo Futurists’ Patreon, one episode a week, 14+
WHAT: Quick plays online!
SO WHAT: The Infinite Wrench Goes Viral! 30 Digital Plays in 60 Analog Minutesis the online adaptation of the Neo-Futurists’, ongoing, ever-changing attempt to perform 30 plays in 60 minutes for a live audience. Since live audiences are still a no-no, this is the perfect way to experience this fun project from home! They also just released 45 Plays for America’s First Ladies, a series of 1-5 minute plays that adopt a variety of shapes, tones, and theatrical conventions centered around the lives of the women who have served in the role of First Lady.
NOW WHAT: Join the Neo Futurists’ Patreon page for either $3, $5, or $9 a week (with added incentives in the higher tiers) and enjoy the 30 plays in an hour every week!

Concerts Live-streams and Local Shows Archives @ Your House, Any time you please, All Ages
WHAT: There’s tons of concerts from Chicago’s yesteryear available online for your enjoyment!
SO WHAT: Oh My Rockness and Do312 has done a fantastic job of cataloging some of the upcoming live-streams from the awesome musical acts out there! Check out Oh My Rockness’ listings here, Do312’s roundup of shows here, and tune in to these great shows from the comfort of home! Do312 have also shared some past Chicago shows that are certainly worth of a watch. There are also so many great local concerts recorded for posterity and what better time to check them all out than during this self isolation period. Audiotree has a fantastic and huge list of sessions with links to band’s websites and merch to help support them even more. In addition to our previous recommendations like Fran, Tasha, KAINA, Divino Nino, and The Ophelias, we also recommend ROOKIE, Emily Blue, Sen Morimoto, Beach Bunny, Tennis, and Gia Margaret! Then head over to their record concerts from Lincoln Hall, Schubas, and beyond to check out Orville Peck, of Montreal, and so many more! JBTV is also a fantastic resource for sessions from bands that have come through Chicago! Just take a look at this playlist of Blind Melon’s ’95 set at Metro!
NOW WHAT: Stay home, watch some live music, and be sure to check out your favorite artists’ social media, you never know who might be live streaming next!

Video Games @ Your home PC or Console, As long as it takes, Just check the game rating
WHAT: Video-games for all!
Check out our games page for some recommendations of what games to download (and avoid) while we’re stuck at home. If you’re a PC user, head over to the Epic Games store as they will be releasing a few new FREE games for you to download including Halcyon 6, Sludge Life, 3 out of 10, and Delores: A Thimble Weed Adventure! There are also tons of free games on Twitch Prime waiting for you to download!
Wash your hands and dive head first into some fun games!

The Quarantine Concerts @ Experimental sound Studios, Your best sounding internet connected device, at various times
WHAT:  Experimental Sound Studio, Elastic Arts and the Hideout’s Resonance Series come together for a series of amazing livestreamed concerts
SO WHAT: The Quarantine Concerts is collaborative series which aims to give artists a space to share their work and continue earning a living during this time when live, in person, performances have been cancelled due to COVID-19. This is a perfect opportunity to unite the community for a few hours of amazing musicians. This weekend includes Autistic Pride Day Concert, Concert for Chicago Freedom School, and tons more! You can check out their full schedule for the rest of the week here.
NOW WHAT: Head over to their Twitch stream and start watching some great shows. There is a suggested donation of $10 per evening. 100% of the donations contributed during each performance go to the artists who played that night

Bring the Zoo to You @ Brookfield Zoo’s Facebook page, when you want to see some animals besides your pets or specifically 11:00am, All Ages
WHAT: A great way to make your kids’ time at home entertaining and educational
NOW WHAT: Join Brookfield Zoo on Facebook every weekday at 11:00am for a “Bring The Zoo To You” Facebook Live featuring one of their animals as well as plenty of educational, informative insight from one of our Animal Care Specialists. If you can’t make it at 11, that’s okay. The video will be saved afterward on Facebook as well as on their YouTube channel.
SO WHAT: Just jump in to the chat at their Facebook page to learn something new

Music Friendly Distancing @ Empty Bottle’s Youtube channel, at your place,
WHAT: Bring a little bit of Empty Bottle into your home through YouTube!
SO WHAT: Empty Bottle will be practicing #MusicFriendlyDistancing during these stay-at-home days. It’s perfect for those of us needing a little bit of that fun the Bottle would provide. Jump over to YouTube and catch some excellent content! This Friday will feature the always incredible Miranda Winters of Melkbelly streaming from atop the Empty Bottle! You can check out the rest of the previous #MFD mixes here!
NOW WHAT: YouTube is the place to be! Log on and support the Empty Bottle. You can also send money to the storied venue here.

Ravinia TV @ Ravinia’s YouTube Channel, On the best sounding device that can play YouTube channel, Fridays 7:00pm
WHAT: Some excellent performances to hold you over during this time of no live concerts
SO WHAT: RaviniaTV was a 20-minute weekly variety show webcast on their YouTube channel and Facebook page every Friday. Their first season of the series is over, but all their shows are achieved and ready to re-watch or experience forth e first time!
NOW WHAT: Head over to their website and tune in to the show. You can also check out previous episodes of the show

Grant Park Music Festival 2020 Virtual Season: Festival Remixed @ YouTube and WFMT, at home with your favorite streaming device, Fridays and Wednesday 6:30pm
WHAT: Live music for your free time
SO WHAT: This year the Grant Park Music Festival went virtual with plenty of great concerts and events being livestreamed online on YouTube and WFMT (both on their website and FM). You can check out our preview of the season here. While the season is officially over, you can still check out their archive of 2020 shows here!
NOW WHAT: Head over to the Festival Remixed website, catch some of the previous shows, and enjoy!!

Masque of the Red Coronavirus! @ Black Button Eyes Productions, Any time on your computer or mobile device. For 18+.
WHAT: Written by Black Button Eyes Productions producing artistic director Ed Rutherford, this short satirical piece is available online free as a combined script-and-video experience.
SO WHAT: In addition to reading the play, you will see various Chicago artists act out portions of the script on video, recorded remotely. The event includes puppets, burlesque, original music, fire dancing and more in a brief, darkly comedic confection.
With the Red Coronavirus running rampant across the countryside and a vaccine still months away, what’s a Prince to do? Lock himself in a secure bunker in an undisclosed location along with a cohort of his top donors, of course. To prevent him and his rich supporters from becoming bored, the Prince has also brought a few artists into the bunker to entertain the crowd. But as the hour grows later and the night grows weirder, it’s clear that something else has also invaded the party.
NOW WHAT: Settle down for an evening of magical weirdness. Click here and begin reading and watching the videos.

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