Split Single Returns and Announces New Album Amplificado

Split Single – Photo by James Richards IV

Whether you know Jason Narducy from his work with bands like Bob Mould Band, Superchunk, or Verbow, there’s one thing that’s plainly obvious: Narducy know how to craft a good tune. Since 2011, Narducy has focused his incredibly tight songwriting into Split Single, his collective project. The project has released two albums with the Evanston native at the lead on guitars and vocals and Jon Wurster (whose musical resume is legendary) on drums. Bass duties has rotated with every release, with Britt Daniel of Spoon taking the duties on the band’s debut Fragmented World and Wilco’s John Stirratt on Metal Frames. With such a revered set of lineups, it’s no surprise that Narducy has recuited REM’s Mike Mills for Split Single’s just announce album Amplificado.

Split Single – Photo by James Richards IV

Amplificado, which is set to release on June 25, continues Split Single’s defiantly strong sound with a collection of songs focusing on everything we’ve been dealing with the past year. Touching on anxiety over Conservative rule during a pandemic, Amplificado seems set on diving in head first on important topics in the most enjoyable way possible. Take their lead single “(Nothing You Can Do To) End This Love”, an ode to relationships all all kinds. The track has all the trademarks you’d hope for from the band: impactful lyrics, razor sharp instrumentals, and a unadulterated energy a pop rock song deserves. The song pushes forward the idea of equality with no hesitation, boiling it down to the core that we’re all human and deserve love. As Narducy belts out the chorus of “She loves her and he loves him, there’s nothing you can do to end this love, A or B or AB or O, we are all one of these four” you can’t help but smile at its purehearted sentiment.

Check out the irresistibly fun video for “(Nothing You Can Do To) End This Love”, directed by Jamie Fleischel, below. Its mix of lyrics video and joyful visuals sets you up for a great time. You can pre-order the Amplificado digital album over on Bandcamp and CDs/LPs copies of the album are available on Split Single’s merch website.

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