Preview: Super Magbot Is a Tricky Platformer With No Jumping

Screenshot: Super Magbot

There was a time in my life where I got sick of platformers. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to appreciate a good, challenging platform experience. Games like Super Meat Boy defined what a modern platformer can look like, and in the ensuing decade there were some exciting and often inventive additions to the platforming genre. I’m always excited to see a game that takes this formula, and switches it around a bit. And that’s exactly what Super Magbot does.

Super Magbot is an upcoming platformer that challenges you to complete its platforming challenges using a magnetic system of attraction and repulsion. If you thought some of the sections in Celeste or Super Meat Boy were challenging, Super Magbot challenges you by having to think ahead a few extra steps to get around successfully. Your robot can shoot either red or blue lasers, that can serve to either attract Magbot to opposite color platforms, or repel for like colored platforms. You’ll need to push and pull Magbot along using these magnetic methods in order to avoid the various hazards, while attempting to reach the end.

Screenshot: Super Magbot

I only had the chance to play through a demo of Super Magbot, so I can only speak for the first dozen or so levels—but it provides a challenge that is simultaneously unique and familiar for those who enjoy challenging platformers. Its push and pull mechanic really made me think about movement in a way that I hadn’t before. At the end of the demo there is a section that allowed me to sample a selection of later levels, and it showcased a fun sampling of some of the different ways this push and pull mechanic can be used.

Super Magbot’s style of retro platformer is a clever and fun break from traditional platformers. Retro and indie seem to go hand-in-hand, but I can’t help but appreciate Super Magbot’s homage to the 16 bit era. If you’re curious what it’s like to play a platformer without jumping, you’ll have your chance to try your hand when Super Magbot releases later this year.

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