Quiet Pterodactyl and CIVL Support Local Music with Situation Chicago 2

Situation Chicago 2 Cover by Chadwick

Last year as the pandemic was completely changing the way we live and entertain ourselves, Quiet Pterodactyl released Situation Chicago. The compilation album brought together 25 tracks by local artists in an effort to help 25 Chicago venues that were undoubtedly going through hard times while they were shut down during the quarantine. The collection is a great look at the local music scene, showing off just how diverse Chicago is. With the pandemic still going on (but hopefully on its last legs), Quiet Pterodactyl have announced another compilation: Situation Chicago 2!

This time around, Situation Chicago 2 sees Quiet Pterodactyl team up with CIVL SAVE Emergency Relief Fund, shifting their focus more towards musicians for this release. CIVL, which is powered by The Giving Back Fund, has been helping furloughed staff, local artists and venues with need-based grants throughout the pandemic. The compilation is set to release digitally on May 21 with the physical release, which includes fun bundles and incredible hand-painted unique covers, coming out in July!

As with the first edition of Situation Chicago, practically everything about this compilation is local. Chicago-raised artist Chadwick providing the cover art once again and the vinyl edition being pressed at Smashed Plastic! The collections of songs will continue to be diverse as the first with artists like Umphrey’s McGee, Fess Grandiose, V.V. Lightbody and more filling out the stacked lineup of artists.

Check out the video Robust’s “I Don’t Know Why”, the lead single of the compilation below. Robust’s laid back flow mixed with visuals of Pilsen makes for a great look at the artist and communities the compilation is aiming to help. The vinyl edition and digital edition featuring a few bonus tracks of Situation Chicago 2 are available to pre-order on Bandcamp today!

Julian Ramirez
Julian Ramirez
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