GALLERY: Garfield Park’s Saturation Is a Colorful Stunner

Garfield Park Conservatory Spring Show: Saturation. Photo: Marielle Bokor. Spring's in full swing and we're coming on in to summer, and as we continue to see things open, so too we've seen the beautiful blooms all over the city. Nowhere was the color more stunning than Garfield Park Conservatory's amazing spring show, Saturation, though. We've always been a fan of the amazing work done by the conservatory in the showrooms and out, but Saturation is something special even considering our admiration of everything they do. It's a fantasyland of a rainbow of a look at the amazing colors of nature, in one big smorgasbord to go through and enjoy. We took our time and got a great look at every last pink, purple, blue, yellow, orange, green and red and we've got a beautiful gallery for you to enjoy, just in case you didn't get a chance to snag a reservation before the show closes tomorrow. And here's a tip: The Garfield Park Conservatory is perennially gorgeous and full of enthusiastic and helpful employees ready to help show you when you're done exploring this gallery, don't forget to make a reservation to visit. Virtual flowers are always in bloom, so if you forgot to get your mom some, maybe just have her look through our gorgeous gallery and take that virtual tour while you get some blooms on order for tomorrow! Happy Mother's Day!  
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Marielle Bokor