Johari Noelle Wants to Find Peace and “Get Free”

Johari Noelle - Photo by James McCarter Back when Johari Noelle released her debut EP Things You Can’t Say Out Loud (or TYCOL as it now appears on spotify), I was immediately hooked on her incredible voice and introspective lyricism. Every track on the EP felt grander than its runtime, really digging deep into its themes of love and desire. The only thing missing from that initial debut was more songs, as the five tracks left a huge impressionism and a strong hope for more. Since Tycol, Noelle has only released a single song "Time", which contemplates the isolation that we all felt in the last year. However one couldn't help but see some lyrics as a little wink to her fans waiting for more as she beautifully crooned "I know it takes time and I'd wait forever for a peace like yours". We didn't have to wait too long to get a followup to that amazing track as "Get Free" brings Noelle back into the spotlight with another worthy track. "Get Free" stays true to the best qualities of Noelle's music: her gentle and alluring voice guiding us through some chilled out modern R&B instrumentals. The song is an ode to connection, urging listeners to "get free with your love". It feels like a direct response the longing of "Time" as she gets closer and closer with every passing line. “I already know that I want you” she emphatically utters as the song reaches it highest point. Here's hoping a full length release isn't to far away! You can check out the summer ready video for "Get Free" below and keep up with Johari Noelle's releases over at her website.
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Julian Ramirez