Mike Lust Emerges with a Slice of Dark Pop Ahead of His Solo Debut

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jq3y4KV0gp4 You might know Mike Lust as the frontman for Tight Phantomz, whose Silk Prison still stands as an impressive entry into the battle of the double albums over the decades. But most in the Chicago music scene also know Lust as a studio engineer and producer of excellent albums for bands both near and far. His debut "proper" solo album Demented Wings is being released on June 18, and the first single to give you a taste of what to expect is "Danceteria."     '"Danceteria" is a dark slice of throbbing electronic pop surging upward from the mysterious depths to kiss the surface light and open new musical doorways for Lust to explore. And while the video for the single makes me super homesick for The Empty Bottle, it also plastered a huge smile across my face to see multiple Lusts performing in a space I hope to see in person again in the very near future. Photo by Ryan Bardsley
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