Four Days to Go in Our Drive to Save Chicago Media. Donate and Double Your Dollars

Dear readers and friends of indie media: We are only four days away from the deadline for the 2021 Chicago Independent Media Alliance #SaveChicagoMedia fundraiser.

Our goal for this year’s campaign is $50,000, and as of this morning we’ve raised just over $38,000. As you can see, we still have quite a ways to go—but with your help, we can still get there.

Because right now, any donations you make to an individual outlet of your choice at will be doubled, thanks to a generous matching grant from the Feinberg Foundation and McCormick Foundation. That means your $20 donation to Third Coast Review becomes $40, and a $100 donation will be turned into $200 in our pocket.

But you may be wondering, what does $100 actually mean to a local Chicago media outlet?

A hundred dollars means different things for different outlets, but for a Chicago arts magazine like New City, $100 covers the cost of writing and editing one arts feature. A $100 donation will help Sixty Inches from Center bring on a new photographer and writer. For various other outlets, $100 means a freelance reporter will be compensated for their time. Even just $20 means filling the gas tank of Inside Publication’s delivery van. $20 will also give Paseo Podcast the ability to record monthly interviews. And $20 will pay for 20 minutes of audio transcription for any one outlet.

But most importantly, your donation will be helping get Chicago independent media back on its feet after the Covid-19 pandemic, and ensuring our city’s diverse, eclectic media scene can survive. 

A donation of any amount will help. Donate today at to have your donation doubled. Thank you.

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Nancy S Bishop

Nancy S. Bishop is publisher and Stages editor of Third Coast Review. She’s a member of the American Theatre Critics Association and a 2014 Fellow of the National Critics Institute at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center. You can read her personal writing on pop culture at, and follow her on Twitter @nsbishop. She also writes about film, books, art, architecture and design.