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3 More Days to Save Chicago Media! Our Drive Is Extended


Dear supporters of independent media,

Our fundraising drive to support Chicago’s local independent media has been extended for three more days! You now can donate until midnight Monday, June 14, at Thanks to support from local Feinberg, McCormick and MacArthur Foundations, any donations made directly to any individual outlet of your choice will be triple matched.

That means a donation of $20 will become $60, a donation of $50 will become $150, and so on!

Donate now and your gift to #SaveChicagoMedia will be triple-matched. 

We would like to thank all supporters of independent media that have donated throughout these 31 days. CIMA is made up of a wide variety of media organizations, from go-to neighborhood news organizations like Growing Community Media to youth media organizations, like Mild Sauce, who are planting the storytelling seed into Chicago’s youth and exposing them to incredible opportunities to attend and report on events.

We have outlets like Paseo Podcast, creating independently produced podcasts highlighting the voices of Chicago’s Puerto Rican community, and Chicago In Arabic, that tells the story of Chicago’s Arab Community.

What unites all of CIMA is a commitment to authentic, independent media that represents the true diversity of Chicago. Together, these 43 newsrooms fill in the coverage gaps of mainstream media.

Your donation will help your city’s local journalists continue to produce news that informs you and your neighbors on a grander scale that represents our city to the world.

Donate here and your gift will be triple-matched
by the Feinberg, McCormick and MacArthur Foundations.


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