Preview: Triversal Has a Flashy Neon Aesthetic, but Relaxing Gameplay

Screenshot: Triversal

If you like to unwind with a relaxing puzzle game, like me, there are many options available. But it’s hard to find that perfect puzzle game that’s engaging, and has the right amount of difficulty to be fun but not too frustrating—and that can vary from person to person. Triversal is a game that offers an interesting take on spatial puzzles .

Triversal is a puzzle game where you try to connect three (or sometimes two) different points in just the right way that your piece goes into the goal.  Collect triangular coins, which give you more attempts in certain situations, and also create a way to increase your score. The tethers are stretchy, so you have to find just the right points to connect them to—and while most connection points are rigid, more advanced levels will have you connecting to points that are stretchy. It’s a slow, gradual learning curve, however—so while the puzzles aren’t exactly easy, I haven’t encountered one that wasn’t insurmountable, even on the hardest difficulties. Of course, I haven’t played through each of the thousands of puzzles offered, either.

Screenshot: Triversal

If you do make your way through Triversal’s puzzles, there will also be a Daily Puzzle mode, with a new puzzle providing a brand new challenge each day. Additionally, Endurance mode tasks you to complete a series of progressively difficult levels where you spend coins to make connections—run out of coins, and you run out of moves. If you’re a streamer, Triversal also offers a rudimentary streamer mode which labels the connection points, thus allowing your viewers input into your next move.

Triversal may look like a neon arcade game, but it’s not at all—it’s a relaxing puzzle experience. As with any puzzle game, Triversal might be a head scratcher for you or be extremely simple—and while what I’ve played leans towards the “easier” side, the dozens of puzzles I’ve played so far were engaging.


Triversal releases on July 13th.




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Antal Bokor
Antal Bokor

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