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Bites: Elote Pizza @ Pie-Eyed. Better Get It Now!

When you’re thinking elotes, you’re likely picturing Mexican corn: steaming hot half-cobs slathered in mayo, studded with parmesean cheese and chili powder, and drenched in fresh lime juice. What you’re probably NOT thinking about is the clubby late-night pizza mecca, Pie-Eyed Pizza. You know the place: super quality slices at 4am to soak up the booze in your system and lines down Milwaukee Avenue.

But if you’re NOT thinking about Pie-Eyed Pizza when you think “elotes,” you’re missing out. For a limited time (through tomorrow, June 30, to be exact), Elotes is the slice of the month at Pie-Eyed.

Think the purest corn/elote flavors and textures, distilled down to their essence, and applied to the hot, fresh, giant-sized slices for which Pie-Eyed is so famous. Not “pizza with elote toppings” nor “pizza with elote flavor” it is, indeed, elotes AS a pizza. Hot fresh sweet corn, green cilantro notes, salty crumbly parm, dabs of perfectly cuminized hot sauce—reminiscent of that six month period when my ex’s housemate got obsessed with Valentina, but tastier—and fresh tangy lime squeezed over the top. Divinely salty, sweet, hot and with a zing of fresh lime juice. Perfect for late nights when your GF wants slices and the bestie screams “Mexican!”

Elotes Pizza and other delicious slices can be found at Pie-Eyed Pizza, 1111 W. Chicago Ave. at the corner of Milwaukee, Grand, and Ogden. For this month’s special slice, hours, and more, check their site at


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