“Take It Easy” with Jyroscope’s Latest Single

Jyroscope - Photo By Jason Nelims We're inching closer and closer to the release of Jyroscope latest EP, Happy Medium. The hip-hop group consisting of I.B. Fokuz, Collasoul Structure and DJ Seanile are collaborating with producer Montana Macks for the EP and released their surefire single "Frozen in Time" last month. They're following it up with another single, EP closer "Take it Easy", and it's another stellar track to add to their catalogue. "Take It Easy" stays true to it's title as it that embodies that sentiment wholeheartedly.  The jazzy instrumentals for the track are smooth as can be, with the bright horns highlighting the track's positivity. Gone are the more heavy concerns of "Frozen in Time", replaced with an even more level headed outlook. Whether it's taking care of their kids or appreciating a good rest, the track seems at ease with the mundane. Acting almost as a day in the life of Collasoul Structure & I.B. Fokuz, "Take It Easy" definitely leans on embracing and raising up the ordinary. A simple stogie or a drink of water instead of booze are mentioned as with the same exuberance you'd hear from other rappers exalting on vices. While "Frozen in Time" was looking for that happy medium of the EP's title, "Take It Easy seems to have found it. The final lines of I.B. Fokuz verse say it best:  "The world so awry it could become so egregious/I just a smile knowing everything ain’t what seems cause/ We been through it all, enough to know it all can speed up/ take your time and go with ease". The Happy Medium EP is out July 23. You can preorder the EP over Bandcamp.
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