Preview: Glitchpunk Is Throwback Open World Anarchy with a Neon Veneer

Screenshot: Glitchpunk I searched Glitchpunk’s Steam page for any reference to early Grand Theft Auto games, specifically the first two, but I’m surprised to find no mention. That’s because, if you’re at all familiar with those early top-down version of Grand Theft Auto, you’ll find lots that’s familiar with Glitchpunk. Glitchpunk is a top-down open world action game set in a post nuclear cyberpunk world. You play as an android with a glitch that allows it to go against its programming. Set in a ruthless world of brutal police and gangs that operate in the open. It contains many hallmarks from Grand Theft Auto including the ability to steal cars, and it even has a selection of radio stations. If you commit too many crimes in the open, you’ll attract the police which will continue escalating until you escape or are dead. There are numerous gangs you can work for, completing quests and earning money for things you can’t just outright steal.  While the original Grand Theft Auto games had zero progression, that isn’t so with Glitchpunk. There are different modules you can install into your synthetic form to enhance your abilities—but often at cost of another ability. Screenshot: Glitchpunk While it’s releasing as an Early Access game, Glitchpunk feels pretty solid. It has fun (but sometimes unforgiving) gunplay. There is only one city of the planned four at launch, however, so expect a good amount of new content to come during Glitchpunk’s planned 6-8 month development time. But you won’t have to wait too long for new content, as the next city is already planned to launch in about four weeks, at least according to the Early Access information on the Steam store page. Glitchpunk is a fun homage to classic Grand Theft Auto titles in a way I really wasn’t expecting. I really enjoyed those old top down open world games, and it’s great to see Glitchpunk’s earnest and capable attempt at the classic genre. I’m excited to see what direction Glitchpunk takes through development. There’s already a solid foundation, with plenty of vehicles to steal and violence to be had.     Glitchpunk is entering Early Access on Steam tomorrow.
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