Take a “Drive” with Divino Niño and Their Great New Song

Divino Niño – Photo by Alec Basse

It’s always a good day when Divino Niño releases a new song. It’s been just over a year since they released the ethereal track “Made Up My Mind” and over two years since their phenomenal album Foam. Both those projects really showed off the band’s gentler and loving side, all of o course doused in sticky psychedelia that makes their sound so alluring. This new track “Drive” brings in a wide array of influences and genre to create a fantastic new Divino Niño.

Drive” is undoubtedly a strong evolution in Divino Niño . All the psych elements you’ve come expect from them are still there, but with a dizzying mix of genre influences. The track feels like a little tour of everything that makes the band who they are. Camilo Medina’s cadence dances through Latin rhythms before rap-like elements pop in. Everything goes along with the amazing flow, even as tones shift as Javier Forero’s voice takes over with dance grooves, distorted and high pitched croons, and almost spoken word chilled out chants. Much like the song’s instruments, the lyrics drift back and forth between languages, letting the bands bilingual roots shine throughout.

The music video matches the infectious and transformative switches of “Drive” so well, portraying the band in all their exquisite and strange glory. Disorienting filters and imagery fill the music video Medina and Forero take center stage, with Pierce Codina (drums), Guillermo Rodriguez (guitar), and Justin Vittori (multi-instrumentalist) making great appearances showing off their dance moves. It’s such a wonderfully magical, if not insanely surreal, way to experience the band.

Drive” is such a perfect late summer, early fall track that is guaranteed to be stuck on repeat for a long time. It only makes me anticipate a new album from the Chicago-via-Bogotá, Colombia band even more.

Divino Niño will be playing both a Pitchfork Music Festival After Show at Empty Bottle on 9/10 and the festival proper on 9/11. The Empty Bottle show is sold out but you can still purchase tickets for their Saturday stop at Pitchfork Music Festival now! You can check out all of  Divino Niño’s tour dates at their website

Both the aforementioned shows are a part of DCASE’s Chicago in Tune! This new citywide festival celebrates music in the key of Chicago during the 2021 Year of Chicago Music. This month is meant to bring us all together through the whole spectrum of music events in a variety of venues. Check out all the participating venues and shows over at their website!

Julian Ramirez
Julian Ramirez
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