Preview: Survive the Horde in Age of Darkness: Final Stand

Screenshot: Age of Darkness: Final Stand I’m really digging the rise of apocalyptic real-time strategy games. You know, like Frostpunk or They Are Billions—with Age of Darkness: Final Stand’s influence definitely leaning towards the latter. Except They Are Billions leans steampunk while Age of Darkness: Final Stand takes a more traditionally fantasy approach to its monster-filled apocalypse. Age of Darkness: Final Stand is a real-time strategy game where you take control of an outpost holding out against an apocalyptic threat. Building your outpost is pretty standard real-time strategy stuff—with houses to increase your population, places to gather food, wood, stone, etc. Except you aren’t fighting against another nation’s army—you’re preparing defenses for hordes of monsters that will inevitably come and try to overrun your outpost, using technology that can render over 70,000 units on screen at once—that’s a hell of a swarm. Screenshot: Age of Darkness: Final Stand You don’t just sit idly waiting for the horde to come, however. In Age of Darkness: Final Stand you’ll want to use your precious daylight to search for resources—because at night, enemies are more powerful.  Use your resources carefully, because if you don’t plan accordingly, you might not be prepared for the next Death Night, where the fog and the swarm descend to test your mettle. Age of Darkness: Final Stand is in Early Access, and that means that it’s still in active development. Currently, Age of Darkness: Final Stand is fun to play and feels relatively polished. There is currently only one character available. There’s only the survival game mode available currently, but due to its randomized nature, it’s very replayable. According to the Early Access information box on the Steam store page Age of Darkness: Final Stand will be in Early Access development for at least one year—but it may be longer if needed. Screenshot: Age of Darkness: Final Stand I’m enjoying Age of Darkness: Final Stand. It feels pretty solid in its Early Access form, and I’m looking forward to the improvements that will (hopefully) be made through its continuing development. If you want to jump into Age of Darkness while it’s still in Early Access (and at a cheaper price) it’s in a solid, fun state even with just Survival mode. Age of Darkness: Final Stand is available now in Early Access on Steam.       A Steam key was provided to us for this preview.
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