Preview: Blunt Bangs Brings Their Buzzy, Bash-y, Boppy Pop to Chicago Tonight

Photo by Sean Dunn

Blunt Bangs describes themselves as an “indie-supergroup” in their description of their new album Proper Smoker, and that is not incorrect. Especially if your view of “indie” is rooted in the mid-aughts blog-rock period, and I find particular delight in hearing the return of Reggie Youngblood’s voice and songwriting skills to the musical fray.

Youngblood first made his mark fronting underground darlings who became famous a little too quickly from a previous age—the band Black Kids—and his voice immediately took me back in time. Only this time around instead of being surrounded by a group of contemporaries just starting to find their way, Youngblood is now joined by two other experienced musicians with distinct artistic visions that all mesh well together, and it’s a pleasure to hear his melodies and hooks sharpened and refined through their influence. It results in a buzzy indie pop bless that surfs along a surge of charging guitars.

So that would be cool with me if that was all this band offered, but Blunt Bangs’ songs bop back and forth between singers—both Youngblood and Christian “Smokey” DeRoeck of Deep State appear to front songs they were the primary lyricists for—giving you more bang for your buck and keeping the proceedings from slipping into predictability. Cash Carter contributes his swinging but heavy bashy-bash drums and the end result is a party in your ears and a smile on your face.

Blunt Bangs is in town tonight, November 19, to play a late show at Golden Dagger (2447 N. Halsted St.), and I don’t know about you but I could certainly use a heavy dose of turbo-charged, life-affirming tunes. If you feel the same, this show may be the prescription for a good time you need to kick off your weekend!

Give the album below a spin, and I think it’ll help make up your mind.

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