Review: Rebecca Black Proves Her Pop Star Status at Lincoln Hall

Let’s be honest, it’s still a little scary to go to concerts right now. But, fans made the trek to Lincoln Hall to see Rebecca Black on a chilly Tuesday night, and they weren’t disappointed. The indie pop singer put on such an exciting and fun show that for just a few minutes, concert-goers were able to forget about the pandemic and cold weather and just dance (with masks on, of course). It was so refreshing to see so many queer people under one roof (your humble writer included) dancing to electro pop and singing “Worth it for the Feeling.”

Before Rebecca Black came onstage, Alice Longyu Gao opened the night with a truly delightful and hilarious take on rap pop. The Chinese-born artist has made waves on Tik Tok with her tongue-in-cheek songs like “To My White Boy Princess.” Gao called her mother, who still lives in China, during her set, laughing that her mother has no idea why she’s in the U.S. on a visa. “My mom doesn’t know what I do! But she will now!” Gao jumped and danced on top of the DJ booth, then ran offstage to sing with the crowd. She was one of the most exciting and energetic opening acts I’ve seen in a long time, and I hope she comes back to Chicago to headline her own show soon!

When Rebecca Black came onstage, she had everyone screaming immediately. She opened the set with her song “Better in my Memory” and nailed every dance move. Black’s set was even more impressive because she only had her DJ playing her songs; with no backing band, all eyes were on her at all times. She sang her heart out to everyone in the crowd and was genuinely thrilled to be at Lincoln Hall. “This is my first headlining show in Chicago,” she said to the sold out crowd. It’s no surprise that Rebecca Black’s show was incredible, but it is surprising how many people are still sleeping on this pop star. Black has a natural ability to captivate a crowd, and her songs are heartfelt and fun. I can’t wait for her to come back to Chicago, and you should definitely catch her next time she’s in town.

And, if you stay for the encore, you might just get to hear “Friday.”

All photos by Kate Scott.

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