Preview: Super Dungeon Maker Is a Cute Zelda-Like That Lets you Make Your Own Dungeons

Screenshot: Super Dungeon Maker

After spending hours with Super Mario Maker and its Nintendo Switch Sequel, I was hoping we’d get spin-offs for other Nintendo games, like a Metroid Maker or Legend of Zelda Dungeon Creator—something like that. Instead, leave it to fans to fill in the gaps with games like Mega Man Maker. Super Dungeon Maker is in the same vein, and although it has zero references to The Legend of Zelda, it pays that game series plenty of homage—especially A Link to the Past.

Super Dungeon Maker is a top down role-playing game and dungeon making toolkit. In gameplay, you take on the role of a sword wielding chicken that should seem eerily familiar to any Legend of Zelda fan. Swing your sword, smash pots, and navigate dungeons filled with an assortment of bad guys. But that’s only the half of it. Super Dungeon Maker isn’t just about exploring dungeons and fighting enemies, but making your own dungeon creations—and then sharing those online.

Screenshot: Super Dungeon Maker

Making dungeons in Super Dungeon Maker is as easy as using MS Paint, but it gives you a surprisingly robust toolset. You can create rooms full of monsters, or create puzzles with switches and obstacles. At the start of Early Access there will be three themes with their own appropriate dungeon tiles.

Since Super Dungeon Maker will be releasing in Early Access that means it’s still in active development.  According to the information box on the Steam Early Access information box, developer Firechick plans on keeping Super Dungeon Maker in development for at least the next six months. Firechick also plans on delivering more enemy types, dungeons themes and hopes to make a single player campaign if possible—but no promises.

Screenshot: Super Dungeon Maker

Super Dungeon Maker isn’t just about making dungeons, but also about trying out others’ creations. On release, there is a promise of endless dungeons if it develops an active community. Since you’ll potentially be spending as much time trying out dungeons as making them, playing through them has to be fun. Unfortunately, combat and movement is Super Dungeon Maker’s weakest component—but with six months of development ahead, that might improve.

I’ll be keeping an eye on Super Dungeon Maker as it makes its way through Early Access. I’m definitely in love with its cute art style, and it provides an easy way to create Zelda-like dungeons. I wish its combat and movement were a little tighter, however—but that’s definitely something that might change during its Early Access period. This is one to keep an eye on.


Super Dungeon Maker will be available on Steam Early Access on February 15th





A Steam key was provided to us for the preview.

Antal Bokor
Antal Bokor

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