Preview: Kick People and Save the Day, or Just Merrily Micturate In McPixel 3

Screenshot: McPixel 3 Out of nowhere comes McPixel 3, the sequel to the chaotic McPixel, which released almost a decade ago now (wow, time flies.) If you’re not familiar with McPixel, it has a super simple premise: you have seconds to save the day, but you also have no idea how to do that, which results in hilarious mistakes. McPixel 3, like its predecessor, thrives on chaos. Even if you interact with an item you think might help your situation, it might instead make everything go completely wrong. Each scene is inherently a puzzle, but it’s also a sandbox of potentially hilarious interactions. The sequel, according to its Steam store page, touts over 1500 interactive items, 20 minigames, over 100 levels, and a whole lot more. And scenes go by quickly, almost like a WarioWare adventure game. Screenshot: McPixel 3 So why McPixel 3 and not McPixel 2? I’m not sure. It’s possible that developer Sos Sosowski’s work has transcended the traditional series formatting, or maybe McPixel 3 represents such a leap forward for the McPixel series it was necessary to skip right over “2” to finish out the McPixel trilogy. This is all guesswork, and it doesn’t really matter, because McPixel 3 is coming whether you like it or not. Screenshot: McPixel 3 For the uninitiated, McPixel plays like a point and click adventure game—sort of. There’s no inventory, since you usually have less than 20 seconds to react to any given situation. That doesn’t mean you’ll survive an entire 20 seconds, however, as one misclick can (hilariously) end that encounter. The game keeps track of which interactions you’ve had, too, so those who hanker to 100 percent games have lots to tinker with in McPixel 3. If you’re still on the fence about the strange pixelated adventures of McPixel, then you can check out the McPixel 3 demo during this week’s Steam Next Fest.  I’m definitely looking forward to McPixel 3 based on my short, hands-on experience with its demo. It’s not only a game that challenges you to discover your way out of its absurdly hilarious situations, but one that encourages failure in a hilarious way.   McPixel 3 will be available later this year and you can wishlist it on Steam right now.         A Steam demo key was provided to us for this preview.  
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