Preview: Uragun Is Explosive Twin-Stick Action

Screenshot: Uragun I’ve been playing a lot of demos in this year’s Steam Next Fest, and while there have been a fair amount of good games to check out, I think the most fun I had was playing through the demo for Uragun. Uragun is a twin stick arcade shooter in which you pilot a mech against waves of enemies.  You can equip two weapons at a time, and break through enemies and barriers with a charge that can also be used as a dodge to get out of trouble. There are also heat attacks that can be employed once you collect enough discarded orbs of heat from destroyed enemies. While the demo only has two guns to try out and limited weapon mods, I still had a (literal) blast gunning down robots and blowing them up with the rocket launcher. While Uragun doesn’t have much bloat, it isn’t all running and gunning: you can also customize your mech loadout to get the perfect combination of guns for your preference. Guns can be equipped in pairs, and come with modification slots, and different heat attacks can be equipped to violently return your foes’ built up heat. Since Uragun will be launching into Steam Early access, that means when it hits Steam it will still be in active development. At launch, you can expect around two hours of gameplay, at least according to the Stream Early Access information box on the game’s Steam store page. At launch there will also be three locations, almost a dozen enemy types, a few mini bosses, a main boss fight, and about five unique weapons. I’ll definitely be checking out the full version of Uragun when it hits Early Access.  Sometimes I just need to unwind with a cathartic shooter, and Uragun, so far,  is pure arcade bliss.   If you want to check out Uragun, you have until 2/28 and the end of Steam Next Fest. Otherwise, Uragun will be releasing into Steam Early Access on March 30th, 2022.    
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